No Buy July | Update 1

Saturday 11 July 2015


The perfect start to a no-buy post: Louis.  I took this photo while I was in Paris last year.  I didn't buy anything, but wow was the store ever something!

Last week I committed myself, before you, my readers, to No Buy July.  Any of the new products I have reviewed (such as my Urban Decay Lip Glosses, Stila Blush, and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer) were purchased pre-challenge.  This means no clothes, no make-up, no junk, no eating out and no Uber.  Here is my progress so far!

Day 1: Today I packed my lunch and stuck to it.  I even remembered a snack so I had no excuse to walk over to Starbucks and grab something.  I feel healthier than eating out which is another bonus!  On my commute home I ended up walking to the subway with another intern and was able to successfully skip the allure of Shoppers Drug Mart, Winners, and other assorted spending traps.  Today was a good day, if every day can be like today then I have nothing to worry about.

Bonus!  I even called one of my subscription boxes (that I never really blog about anyways) and cancelled it.  Now I am down to Julep, Ipsy and Birchbox.  My Julep goal is not to order any add-ons this month.

Non-bonus!  I broke my phone and had to have it replaced at the Apple Store, costing me $90.  But that doesn't count towards my no-buy because I need a functional phone.  Still, it sucks that my first day of not spending money and I get hit with an unexpected $90 phone repair bill.  Thankfully Apple Care means the replacement cost was not $600?

Day 2: Must.  Resist.  Urge.  To.  Get.  ColorPop.  Matte.  Lippies.  Lucky (?) for me they are sold out.  Technically today I didn't spent any money, buy my boyfriend decided to order me a Kate Spade purse online.  But....I didn't spent money today :)  I also started to clean my bedroom and I found two products that I had pegged for missing hiding out in an old purse.  I was really excited to find a few of my favourite eyeliners, so it was sort of like shopping!  And I also rearranged my Z-Palette adding two new(ish) blushes that a friend passed on to me!

Day 3: No make-up purchases, no Uber.  Boyfriend and I went out for "brunch" around 2:00 PM, but a little treat every now and again is nice.  I also purchased an episode of Kate Plus 8 on iTunes which cost me $1.99.  In the evening we made muffins.  I also ran out of moisturizer today so I will have to run to Sephora to replace it tomorrow.

Day 4: I had to go to Shoppers to visit the post office today both to pick something up and to mail off a prize to one of my readers (yay!).  I did purchase some preventative sun care products, but over all I did a good job sticking to my rules.  This morning the streetcar was down so I had to take a cab to work.  Not the best spending day, but not awful.

Day 5: So. Much. Rain.  I ended up taking an uber home from work, but it only cost $7 so I don't think that is the worst sin of a No Buy.  I purchased some candy for a care package for my little brother at camp, and I picked up some $3 Quo Summer 2015 shadow palettes at Shoppers-- one for me, one for my cousin, one as a gift and one for a blog giveaway later this month.  I also had to purchase a replacement moisturizer at Sephora and may have also ended up with Champagne Pop.  All in all, not my best no-buy day, but I did make my lunch for work tomorrow!

Day 6: Yay!  No money spent today!

Day 7: *Almost* no money spent today!  I spent a little bit on breakfast, but I paid for it with pocket change.

Conclusion: Overall not a bad introduction to a no-buy! Other than the Champagne Pop impulse buy...but no regrets because it is *so* pretty.  I think I can do better next week.  I won't even need to step foot in a Sephora, which is half the battle.  I'm having fun giving this a try, I feel much healthier for packing my lunch which is a bonus!

Have you tried a no-buy before?  How did it go for you?


  1. I think I need to go on a no buy soon. I keep buying things!!!!

  2. Ohhh Kate + 8 haha. I used to be OBSESSED with Jon and Kate +8 when that was a thing years ago. LOL keep up the good work with your no buy. I think Champagne pop was justified. ;)

    1. I was so obsessed back in the day! And What Not To Wear. Hahahaha I agree :)