Shark Week | My Favourite Soap Bars

Monday 6 July 2015


Its SHARK WEEK!  The week that terrified me as a child, the week that people around the world watch Discovery to explore the depths of the ocean, and the week that Lush lobbies against shark fin soup.  In the spirit of Shark Week, my two friends Shark 1 and Shark 2 (open to naming suggestions) will be helping me test and review products.  Today I will be sharing with you three of my favourite bars of soap.  All three bars are from environmentally friendly companies!  Good for you, and good for the environment.

Second Star to the Right is by Fortune Cookie Soap.  Fortune Cookie Soap has a subscription box that I use to subscribe to, however I cancelled it because the American dollar plus shipping was killing me.  I love their products though!  This soap retails for about $3, and the scent is a combo of berries, mint, pomelo (mmmm) and sugar.  I love this scent-- super refreshing and perfect for summer!  I love how visually appealing Fortune Cookie Soap's signature product is (it comes in all sorts of scents).  This one even has glitter (ooooh, ahhhh) and was designed to look like a galaxy.  I like to leave this soap in the dish in my bathroom, but nobody ever uses it because it is so pretty!  I find it a bit of an awkward shape to shower with.  I would encourage you to sign up for their box if you want a yummy smelling box of goodness every season.  I know I will be re-subscribing (probably for their winter box).

Rock Star is my all time favourite LUSH soap.  If pink had a smell this would be it.  Seriously, this soap smells so happy!  This soap works up to a nice lather and covers your body with its happy scent.  This soap retails for $7.95 per 100 g.  Lush describes the scent as pure vanilla, but I know there is more to it, I just can't put my finger on it.  Some how I have ended up with three bars of this soap in my bathroom, so I clearly have to use it more often.  I find most bars of soap to be drying on the skin, but I don't have that problem with this one!

Avocado Facial Soap by Rocky Mountain Soap Company is the perfect soap for both fighting oil and break outs while providing moisture to the skin.  I first came across this beautiful company while I was visiting in Banff, and I hoard their products every time I am in Alberta!  This soap retails for $5.25 per bar (100g), or if you are so inclined, $73.50 for a slab.  This soap is best for normal/combination skin.  They also say this soap is great for other areas of the skin that are prone to breakouts, so if thats you, then go for it!  Over all I find this soap to be sooting, and perfect for when my skin is feeling a touch oily.

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What are your favourite bars of soap?  I got the inspiration for this post from Julie from Swatch and Review.  As for the sharks?  Well they came from my scrap booking supplies! Happy sudsing! xoxo


  1. That fortune cookie soap is so cute! I love the space/stars design on it too :)