Celebrating Canadian Beauty (brands & nature)

Wednesday 1 July 2015


Happy Canada Day!  Happy 148th Birthday Canada! Today Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast will take the day off and celebrate all the things that make Canada the amazing country that it is.  Officially, we celebrate the the anniversary of the enactment of the British North America Act (or for those who passed grade 10 history, the BNA Act, 1867).  However, to me, the day is all about celebrating contributions to Canada's success, Canada's diversity, and Canada's strength.  While not on the same levels as the introduction of universal healthcare, joining NAFTA, or building a railroad to connect the country, today I wanted to celebrate some of my favourite Canadian beauty brands and lifestyle stores.  The founders of these companies created Canadian jobs, and give us Canadian beauty addicts something to celebrate when talking to our friends in the States and Europe.  To celebrate the other side of Canadian beauty, at the end of this post I have included some photos of my favourite places I have been in Canada!

Favourite Canadian lipsticks

Bite Beauty is based in downtown Toronto.  They focus on creating good for you lippies.  One thing I really respect about Bite is that they know lips, they are good at lips, and they focus on lips.  Rather than try to be all things to all people, Bite focuses on making the best possible lippies that they can, and they rock at it!  They have a lip lab in New York, and next time I am there I really want to design my own lipstick.  I find that Bite has amazing pigmentation, and that their products are all hydrating. Or at very least, not drying.  Bite is available at Sephora.  My all time favourite Bite product is their Butter Cream Lipstick in "Pecan".

Julep is an American company, but their founder Jane Park is Canadian!  I really love that Julep really does provide the same level of service to their American and Canadian clients, right down to the cost of shipping (free for ALL Mavens!).  I love that Julep is always innovating and always on trend.  Their Light On Your Lips lipsticks are light as a feather with a considerable staying time.  Every month I blog about my Julep box, so watch out for my next one!  

MAC Cosmetics was founded in Toronto and is more or less the universal standard for quality make-up.  I love their lipsticks in the bullet tubes, their single eyeshadows, and their Limited Edition collections.  No matter what country I have travelled to I have always stumbled upon a MAC counter-- if that isn't a Canadian success story then I don't know what is!  My all time favourite MAC product is their matte orange-red lipstick Lady Danger.

Chapters Indigo merged in 2001 to become Canada's largest book store.  But Chapters is more than just a place for me to find my favourite historical fiction novels, it also sells a huge array of lifestyle products such as mugs, mugs, mugs, stationary, mugs, candy, mugs, and more mugs.  I love their creative assortment of mugs, and have more than enough both for both home and travel.  When ever I go there I get lost in the "home" section.  I can't wait until I have my own place to decorate with all of the things.

Shoppers Drug Mart has literally the best points program ever.  I couldn't imagine anything better.  I mean I can buy toilette paper and soup and then redeem for Chanel lipstick.  I can get everything I actually need, makeup, snacks, diet coke, Cosmo magazine.  They really are a one stop shop for pharmacy, groceries and lifestyle.  

Some of my favourite Canadian lipsticks:

Julep MAC Bite Lipsticks
Julep Light On Your Lips: Stepping Out, Chit Chat, Tutu

Bite: High Pigment Pencil in Madiera, Luminous Créme Lipstick in Limited Edition "Bite Loves CAFA", Butter Cream Lipstick in "Pecan"

MAC: Lady Danger, Creme Cup, Milan Mode

Canadian Beauty is more than just lipstick and coffee mugs.  The most beautiful part of Canada is our beautiful landscape.  Here are a few photos of just some of my favourite places in the country:

Banff, Alberta
Lake Louise
Lake Louise, Alberta
Peggys Cove
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Muskoka, Ontario
What are your favourite things about Canada?  xoxo Happy Canada Day!

All photos taken by me!

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