June Favourites | So Much Coral

Tuesday 30 June 2015


Lately I am so in love with coral.  Coral nails, coral cardigans, coral lips, coral purses...something about this punchy fun spring-summer combo colour has my head over heels this month!  Let me begin this post by saying how proud I am of my self for getting this post thought about, photographed, and written up before July is even here! Who knows, at this rate I may even get an empties post done!  Lol.  What silly thinking, I will have an empties post up in mid July.  Deal with it ;)  Now, back to the coral.  Let's just say you will be seeing lots of coral on my blog in July!  

My Burberry smells sexy and subtle, fresh and wonderful all at once.  I love the classic tortoiseshell style cap and the pretty taupe bow.  While this deluxe mini is more than enough to last me a while, I would love to get my hands on the full size version.  There is something so beautiful about a vanity lined up with perfumes, but for the time being the mini (which I got for free as a coupon code on a Sephora.com order) will have to do.  Perfumes are expensive!

Benefit Roller Lash you're probably sick of me talking about this mascara, but it gives my lashes serious volume and curl.  I feel so awake and pretty wearing this, and would love to see them come out with coloured versions like they have for They're Real.  You can read my full review of Roller Lash here.  I firmly believe that Roller Lash is their superior mascara.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream was purchased on a whim at Shoppers because my nails. were. so. dry. and I must say that I have been impressed by this drugstore find.  It smells yummy, has a waxy-meets-sorbet texture and leaves my nail beds feeling hydrated.  I have also found my nails have chipped and peeled less since I began using it.

Julep April Nail Polish is such a pretty coral!  It looks great with my favourite lipstick colour of the season and even better with a tan (which I won't be getting if this rain keeps up!).  Fun, bright, but in a more grown up way than say a bubble gum pink.  Maturity for the win!

Chanel Vitalumi√®re Loose Powder Foundation has become a core part of my daily make-up routine since I purchased it.  While I switch it up between Chanel and my Smashbox powders,  this Chanel powder has been a great match for my skin tone, and has left my t-zone in particular looking nearly airbrushed when used as a finishing powder.  And the little brush that came with it?  So soft.  This brings my total Chanel products up to five.  

I Would Cry But My Mascara Is Designer is no longer for sale at Sephora, and I purchased it because, well, I had to.  The size is very useful and I have been using it when I go to visit mine or my boyfriend's parents on the odd weekend.  Mainly I just feel great that I own this.  So much sass.

LUSH Helping Hands Hand Cream came in a huge Lush gift set that I received for my birthday.  It has a neat gel like consistency and smells like the yummiest of fruits.  It actually is probably the best hand cream I have ever used, but the sample is tiny and when I take it to Lush stores, nobody can figure out what the product is which makes me all sorts of levels of sad.

Chanel Arthur Lipstick + matching lip liner this is part of my ongoing love affair with coral-orange tones lipsticks.  A full review will be coming, but let me just say that this lipstick is a real joy to wear both in how it feels on my lips, and how I feel on the inside knowing I am wearing a tiny hint of Chanel.

Nudestix has recently become a new favourite brand of mine.  I use this pencil for under my brows for no-makeup-makeup looks.  I have also recently obtained a Nudestix double ended lippie (thanks CBB meet up!) that is very flattering.  In both cases the formula is long lasting and easy to work with.

My final favourite that didn't make the photo is Stila's new Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Venezia.  Read my review about it from this morning and keep up the coral love!  Coral and bronzer for all!

What are your favourite products for June?  Any trends you are setting or loving?  Happy summer xoxo


  1. Ooo I want to try that Nudestix! Where did you buy it? Victoria Ess