My Father's Day Gift Guide!

Wednesday 17 June 2015


Father's Day is always a special opportunity to celebrate Dad, and for me, a special opportunity to stress about what on earth to buy for the man who needs nothing.  with Mom's you can get them a candle, or something pretty from Sephora, or even a spa gift card.  But Dads?  I rack my brain every year to find him something special.  And, I think this year I have succeeded.  Since my Mother's Day Gift Guide was so well received, I thought I would share my Father's Day suggestions as well!

Toronto Blue Jays "Dad" Shirt $34.99

Sports! Jerseys! Toronto Blue Jays! Canada's Team! Dad!  What's not to love?  My dad loves to go to Blue Jays games, and I know he would love to wear this shirt there.

I <3 The Lake Travel Mug $14

Perfect for the dad who loves the lake, loves fishing, loves coffee (or tea or hot chocolate - no judgement) and loves you!  Personally, I like that this mug is just a little feminine, because it totally reflects me in the gift that I am giving my dad!  Chapters has lots of other fun mugs, so if this isn't the one for you I encourage you to take a look through their shelves/website.  They have some other great ones that celebrate Canada!

Leather Apron (No listed price)

I saw this at Chapters as a spend $40 (I think) and you could buy it for a discounted rate?  Anyways I thought it was a really neat gift for any dad who loves to BBQ!  The leather looks to be of a decent quality, and I am sure any dad would love to be BBQ'ing this summer wearing that classic looking apron!

Quirky Pivot Power Bar $36.95

Not to fall to the cliche of "technology because what else" but I think this power bar is pretty sleek looking! Not only is it useful, but it serves a design purpose. For the dad that somehow needs to charge his iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and laptop overnight, this would be a perfect tool for him to plug in at his nightstand.

Quirky Contort Power (No price listed)

This small power bar is pretty neat—it has the USB charger port built in. I know that every so often I lose the wall plug of my iPhone charger, and I can imagine that the same thing happens to others! This little device saves the hassle and has it included. I could see this being a great tool to bring when traveling in Canada and the U.S.

Power Bank Phone Charger $9.95

While upon further research, this specific power bar has less than stellar reviews, similar products can be found at most electronic stores. This is perfect for the dad who is always on the go, and never seems to have enough time in any one place to charge up his phone. Alternatively, this is great for a dad who travels a lot for work. Helping him keep his phone charged means he can take calls from his family, send photos of his trips, and text you back when you see something at Sephora that you simply *must* have ;)


Who doesn't love chocolate!? Personally, Godiva is my favourite chocolate to give as a gift.  Not only does it taste ah-mazing, but it always comes packaged so nicely!  Of course you should pick the chocolate that your dad loves, but I also recommend Purdy's, Lindor, and Ferro Rocher!

This year I found a perfect card for my dad!  He and my mom love giving Papyrus cards, so I picked him up one at Chapters.  The card is blank on the inside (so I can be as witty as I want!) and on the outside has a hand crafted scene from a baseball dugout that has "Team Dad" written on the jerseys.  I am also going to get him a Blue Jays gift card (he likes to save them up for jerseys and tickets!), the I <3 The Lake Mug (because he LOVES his cottage) and a box of chocolates from Godiva.

For my Grandpa, I found a Papryus card that says "PRO GRANDPA" written out in golf accessories!  While I wish there was a grandpa baseball card, my Grandpa did use to play golf!  Finding a good grandpa card is tough (in that I am 22 and don't want to give a card that looks like it is from a 5 year old).  Thankfully this one is also blank on the inside!  As for a gift, I bought him a nice box of Godiva chocolates.  Small, but thoughtful.

What are you giving your Dad (and possibly Grandpa(s)!) this year?

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