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Friday 26 June 2015


Every month Julep releases a new collection of nail polish and beauty products.  While I personally find some collections to be a tad hit-or-miss, I was really thrilled with what came in the mail this month! The collection has a good mix of different finishes, but naturally I was attracted to blue, mint, and poppy hued crèmes (okay, the mint was a shimmer).  Some may say my taste is boring, but I prefer the term "classic".  Each shade was perfect for summer and ready to be painted on your toes as you lay at the pool, beach, or lake!

This month I ordered the Gel Eye Glider in Radiant Amethyst ($16/$12.80 Maven), Its Balm (Plush Pout) in Vintage Mauve ($20/$16 Maven), Luxe On Your Lips in Poppy ($24/$19.20) and Suse, Isabela, and Manda ($14/$11.20 Maven).


"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink"

What a perfect summer quote!

Manda, Suse, Isabela

Manda, Isabela, Suse

Manda is a beautiful mint with a golden shimmer.  The first coat is more or less a patchy gold shimmer with a mint undertone, but by the second coat it is a beautiful full coverage polish with a golden lean.  It simply lights up in the sun!  Reminds me of Cinderella's dress...tehehehe

Isabela is a pretty periwinkle crème.  Simple, elegant, and fun for summer!  While this polish isn't something "special" it is beautiful in its simplicity. 

Suse  is by far my favourite product from this collection.  While one coat is sufficient, two creates a perfect finish.  This colour is fun, bright and punchy and transitions well from boardroom to patio to poolside.  I have gotten so many compliments wearing this polish, and let me say I might need a backup.  This is a lighter, more coral based polish compared to their recent release April, which is a bit more saturated.

Wearing Suse.  #love

Luxe On Your Lips in Poppy I ordered this lippie because it was an orange red (more on why I love this colour on me in a future post), however this gloss has almost no pigment.  The applicator is very cooling and feels nice to apply.  I find the formula has some coarse bubbles which smooth out almost instantly.  I was excited by their claim to have re-formulated the product, but I think it fell short.  I would not recommend this product nor would I purchase it again.  sad face.

Its Balm (Plush Pout) in Vintage Mauve is a fantastic product.  I find it to be moisturizing, reasonably long lasting, and very easy to apply.  This colour is very flattering on me, I love the purple undertones but that it remains classic and neutral.  I would consider picking up a backup!  This is an update on their original Almond shade: more flattering, more pink, and more pretty.  The only downside with the moisture core is that application can be patchy.

Gel Eye Glider in Radiant Amethyst is a pretty purple, though warmer than I expected.  I tried to do a cat eye with it but the formula was too creamy and the colour looked off.  However, it is beautiful as a pop of colour under the eye.  I mainly purchased this because I thought it was pretty and I had room for one more item in my box, and while I like it, I don't love it.  Its pretty, but I don't think I will get a lot of use out of it.


Gel Eye Glider in Radiant Amethyst
Its Balm (Plush Pout) in Vintage Mauve
Luxe On Your Lips in Poppy

(outdoor lighting)


Gel Eye Glider in Radiant Amethyst
Its Balm (Plush Pout) in Vintage Mauve
Luxe On Your Lips in Poppy

(shade lighting)

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Bonus: Tea and Polish.

What did you get in your last Julep box?

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