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Monday 4 July 2016

batiste dry shampoo review

Washing my hair is a real chore.  With thick wavy hair down to my waist, getting it to dry is a real nightmare.  I either end up leaving the house with wet hair, or going to sleep with a damp pillow.  Needless to say, once my hair is dry I want to keep my head away from the shower for as long as possible.  Keep reading for my Day 1, 2, and 3 styles and how I make it work!

Now before I get into this whole review and have you thinking that I don’t shower between shampoos… I do shower.  I just put my hair in a shower cap to keep it dry.

Batiste was the first brand of dry shampoo that I ever used—for the longest time I thought it was only sold at Winners so I would stock up when I saw it there.  Since then I have come to learn that it is sold in drug stores across Canada.

When using dry shampoo, make sure to spray it at least six inches away from the roots of your hair.  The goal of this powdery product is to soak up the excess oils in your hair, so don’t apply this to the middle or ends of your hair.  After spraying this in my hair I like to help massage it in—especially if the powder is a bit visible.

Batiste has a whole range of dry shampoos, ranging from tinted dry shampoos for various hair colours, to all sorts of scents.  My go-to scent is “Blush” which just has this lovely powdery floral scent.  I also love “Wild” because it smells so sassy and mysterious.  Today I am reviewing their “Original” formula and their “Deep & Dark Brown” formula.

Their “Original” formula has a very clean and classic powdery scent that is hard for me to describe properly.  It is described as a "light citrus" scent.  It has a pretty powerful nozzle, so just remember that less is more, and  it is easier to add more than it is to take away!

batiste dry shampoo review dark brown

“Deep & Dark Brown” has all of the same benefits as the original formula but is slightly tinted so darker haired ladies can avoid the white powder residue that can be associated with dry shampoo.  This one smells like vanilla, jasmine, and citrus with white peach. This dry shampoo is too dark for me, but I know that it would be great for those concerned about the white cast of traditional dry shampoo.

Just before I go to bed on Day 0 I have a shower and wash and condition my hair.  When I wake up on Day 1 my hair is still a little bit damp, and can best be described as a slightly wavy mess.  Some finger combing usually solves this.

When I wake up on Day 2 my hair is usually at its best.  I love that the frizz has died down, and that my hair isn’t damp.  What can I say?  I like waking up with hair that isn’t damp.  Go figure.  To add a bit of volume I spritz some dry shampoo on my roots, and then finger comb my hair in to a nice, high pony tail.

Day 2 pre-dry shampoo

after dry shampoo

Day 2 post-dry shampoo

By Day 3 the bottom half of my hair is still in pretty good shape.  I add just a little bit more dry shampoo at my roots and then twist my hair into a ballerina bun, or a nice braid.  The dry shampoo has added some texture which helps it stay up all day.  When I get home at the end of Day 3 I will wash my hair and it will be Day 0 all over again!

Dry shampoo helps me extend my hair styles, which is great when I am in a rush but still need to look presentable in the morning!

Batiste dry shampoos are paraben and sulphate free, made in the UK, and retail for $8.99 at drug stores, and mass retailers including grocery stores. 

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*Products were provided for review.

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