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Wednesday 27 July 2016


Recently I was selected by Chick Advisor for a campaign with Vichy.  I was sent a few of their suncare products.  Prior to this opportunity I had only really used Vichy in the form of free samples from Shoppers.  I went into this thinking Vichy was a good brand.  What were my thoughts after testing the products?  Keep reading!

Vichy Ideal Soleil Double Usage After Sun Care

This was the product I was the most interested in trying and also the most unsure about using!  While the instructions say it can be used in the shower or after, I prefer to use it after.  It has the most calming and inviting smell of any sun care product I have tried.  This thin clean oil smooths easily across the skin, and feels light-- not greasy.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to test this product, but unfortunately the day after this box arrived (before I had a chance to test these products!) I got a major, major sun burn.  This product hydrated my skin and my burn didn't peel, which was nice. 

Vichy Ideal Soleil Sheer Lotion Bare Skin Feel SPF 60

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of cream sun screen (messy hands!) but this stuff really works.  I used it the other day when my work had a team building BBQ --lots of time in the sun-- and no burn for me.  I love how high the SPF is because as a super pale girl, I need it!  Seriously summer is when my Irish starts to show.  It absorbs into the skin well, doesn't feel greasy, and has a mild smell.  I prefer to use this just on my body, but when we took it to Wonderland my cousin LOVED it on her face!

Vichy Ideal Soleil Ultra Light Lotion SPF 50

I love a good face sunscreen. This lotion is super light weight and wears well under makeup.  When I apply this in the morning my face stays burn free all day.  Plus-- SPF 50!

Final thoughts:

Everybody of all skin tones can get sun burns, however for super pale girls like me not only can they hurt but they are super visible.  The sun makes my t-zone freckle heaven (my Irish!), and my hair beachy blonde (thanks Poland/Ukraine!).  Usually my burns turn into a golden tan, but not before hurting every time my bra strap touches it and not before my friends make fun of me.  Look, sun burns are a contributing factor to skin cancer, and we can never be too careful.  And-- the sun can increase signs of aging.  So with all of that said, proper sun care (and burn care if needed!) can help our skin stay youthful and healthy, and keep my shoulders comfortable enough to hold my purse. I was really impressed with these products and I would purchase them when I run out-- especially the after-sun oil!

If you are interested in my sun care routine (mainly how I make myself feel better after a burn) let me know :)

*These products were provided for my review by ChickAdvisor.  They can be purchased at drugstores across Canada.

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