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Monday 11 July 2016

dry bar product and salon review

Recently Dry Bar sent me some products to test and review.  Previous to receiving these items in the mail I only owned one Dry Bar product: Sparkling Soda.  Since I really love that product I figured I would include it in this review!

Dry Bar is a California based blow dry salon with its own range of hair products available in their salons and at Sephora.  While I was in LA my friends and I stopped in at their Beverly Hills location before hitting the shops.  While at the salon I was able to sip mimosas, and watch Mean Girls-- I need them to open a Toronto location, like, now.

I had a great experience at their salon and would love to go back next time I am in the States.  But between now and then, these products will have to do!

Texas Tea* ($33 CAD)

Use this product on damp hair once you get out of the shower and then style as usual.  I found it added some needed grip and texture to my hair that helped it hold a curl.  At first I thought this was a hairspray... nope!

Detox Dry Conditioner* ($29 CAD)

This was the biggest winner of the products I was sent for review based on pure usability.  I often use dry shampoo, but I find sometimes it leaves my ends a little dry.  This product is designed to be used on the bottom half of my hair to keep my tips hydrated, while the dry shampoo soaks up all the excess oil at my roots.  Genius.  I haven't seen too many brands with products like this, but I wouldn't be surprised if it really catches on! #longhairwin

Sparking Soda ($35 CAD)

As I mentioned, this was the only Dry Bar product I owned prior to receiving this box.  I love how this smells like vanilla & cream soda.  I use it after I have finished my hair to add some extra shine. While it definitely works, sometimes I wonder if I apply it just so I can enjoy the smell... :)

Southern Belle* ($33 CAD)

Southern Belle is a volumizing mousse that really adds some texture to my hair.  I applied a small amount of this before blow drying my hair and curling it.  Not only does it really help my curls hold in the summer humidity, but it really added some volume.  I find the summer either leaves my hair frizzy, or flat, never somewhere in between.  While this doesn't much help with frizz, it did give me hair the added "oomph" it needed.

Gold Mine* ($30 CAD)

Gold Mine is a leave in conditioner that leaves behind a subtle golden shimmer to the hair.  I love how this catches the light in the summer and I think it is perfect for my golden blonde hair.  It does a good job at detangling and moisturizing, and all of the good stuff that leave in conditioners are supposed to do, but the real draw for me is the golden shimmer!

What are your favourite Dry Bar products?  Anything you really recommend?

*Four of these five products were provided for my review.  I paid for my own salon visit & loved every second of it! Opinions are my own.

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