Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil & Special Event for you!*

Saturday 2 July 2016


So today's post is extra special.  Not only do I have a product review for you, but I also have a very special event that I am excited to share with my readers in the Greater Toronto Area.
Let's start with the product review!

I was given this cleansing oil at Generation Beauty to review and share with you.  Safe for sensitive skin, this oil has a light, fresh, slightly almond scent and a silky texture.  The clear oil is dispersed by a pump-- easy to use!

Simply squirt three pumps of the oil in your hands, and massage it over your dry face.  Once you are done massaging add some warm water to your hands, and massage your face again,  Rinse with water-- or as I prefer... jump in the shower!

This oil breaks down the makeup on your face and leaves your skin feeling clean, and soft, with out a greasy film.  I find it takes some extra rubbing to get my mascara off.

I have tried several cleansing oils including Julep, and Balea.  Balea was far too greasy and left my skin with a heavy film.  I love the Julep oil, but it is quite scented and I worry about how that will impact sensitive skin.  The Caudalie oil is gentle and light- I love it.

This product retails for $28 and can be purchased at Caudalie's Sherway Garden spa, and at Sephora!


Part two!

Caudalie is my favourite skin care brand.  I have been using them for about two years now and am so happy with their products.  Their products are gentle, and they work!  That's why I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity with you.

On Wednesday July 20th the Caudalie Spa at Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke,  will be hosting a special invite only spa night for me and my readers-- there will be mini facials, wine, cheese, and gifts with purchase.  Spaces are limited, so if you are interested in coming please email me at

I am so excited to share this with you, and I can't wait to see you there!

*This product was provided for my review.
*I will in no way profit off of this special event.  I wanted to make that clear.  I am so excited to share my favourite skincare brand with you!

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