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Wednesday 15 July 2015


So I have to be honest, I have been in a bit of a writing rut lately.  Somewhere between actually having to cook for myself (moving out is hard!), commuting to work, and trying to be a functional human being I just haven't had the time to write fun posts.  So, I thought it would be fun to sit back, relax, and answer this quiz, which I found at Pretty Lovely Girls.  And yes, the My Little Pony is a McDonalds toy.  Also, yes, its mine.

1. How old were you when you started using make-up?

If you count lip smackers, then I was in grade three or four.  Other wise I started playing around with Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Bonne Bell eyeshadow when I was about thirteen.

2. How did you get into make-up?

My mom let me use her Bonne Bell eyeshadow...and well... here we are!

3. What are some of your favourite brands?

I love Dior, Bite, Smashbox and Urban Decay.  I mean, really if Sephora carries it then I probably love it, but those are a few of my favourites.

4. What does make-up mean to you?

That could get deep.  To me, make-up is a form of expression, an opportunity to put your best face forward, a way to relax, a way to create, and a way to accessorize.

5. If you could only wear four products on your face what would they be?

Just four?!? I would wear Hourglass Mineral Primer, Dior Nudeskin in 010, Hourglass Ambient Light Blush in "Mood Exposure" and Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara.

6. What is your favourite thing about make-up?

I love how it can change a look from casual to dressed up, from winter to summer, from simple to dramatic.  I love the way you can pair and match products to create a totally unique look.  And I love that at the end of the day you can take it off and do it all over again the next day.

7. What do you think of drug store make-up vs high-end make-up?

While I have heard that the drug store carries some decent products, I really only go there to get my Essie nail polish.  I prefer high-end make-up because I really do find it is of better quality, both in terms of product and packaging.  I don't take chances with what I put on my skin.

8. What is one tip you can give a beginner?

A little goes a long way, and it is better to build up than have to take a bunch off.

9. What is one make-up trend you never understood?

Blue or green lips.

I would love to see you guys post your answers in the comments!

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