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Sunday 12 July 2015

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essence gel nail polish

Earlier this week I posted about some of the Essence make-up I purchased while in Germany.  Today I wanted to share with you a brand new gel system that I hear will be making its way to Canada this fall.  I was lucky enough to be able to buy it at a drugstore in Berlin, and I can't wait to tell you all about this great budget find!
Before I get talking about the nail polish, if you want to read about my trip you can read my post about it here.

Remember when Shellac took the beauty world by storm?  While shortly there after, every beauty company was coming out with their own at home system.  Some of the more expensive versions include a little light that you could use, but for the price of those I would rather just go get it done by a professional!  Then, some companies started to come out with their own at home gel system that did not require a light, such as Sally Hansen (which I am a huge fan of, post coming soon!).

My favourite thing about the Essence system is how low the start up costs are (the base coat and the top coat).  Once you have those two, adding more colours is easy and cheap!  I purchased a baby pink and a rich berry red to go with the system.  When this system comes to Canada I can't wait to add more shades!  Sadly I found this near the end of my Euros, and was looking to save money and packing space.  The radiant orchid polish was in the sale bin for 1 Euro and is of their regular line.

The base coat, top coat and gel polishes each cost me approximately 3 Euros each, meaning these are just as affordable as every other Essence product.

essence gel nail polish

The gel polishes come in the same small bottles as their standard nail polish and has the same larger flat brush.  Just like their regular polishes, the gel polishes are easy to apply!

First, you apply the clear base coat (in the white bottle) and let it dry.  Once it is dry you apply two coats of your colour polish, letting it dry between each layer.  Finally you add the top coat (silver) and let it dry.  The trick is to be patient and to wait for each coat to dry before adding more.  Once you are done, the polish will last quite a while, and you end up with a high shine finish!

essence gel nail polish

10 True Love is the polishI am wearing.  It was pretty much opaque with one coat, but two coats made it perfect.  05 Sweet As Candy is the pale pink in the first photo.  It is much more translucent, and needs three thin coats to be wearable.  The first two coats were a bit streaky! 

I found that this system lasted four days with out any chips, and five days with out any noticeable chips.  Not too bad!  The polishes I bought are pretty and versatile, and I can not wait to add some more colours to my collection!

essence gel nail polish

Are you hoping these polishes make their way to Canada?  If yes, what colours do you plan on picking up?


  1. Ah what a shame about your instagram! I had a friend who got hers deleted because someone reported her--weird that they would do that!
    I love Essence! The products are pretty good for the price, and these gels look awesome! Can't wait to get them in Canada.


    1. Aww that sucks for her :)

      I hear they will be coming soon!

  2. I LOVE essence polishes! I'll definitely need to buy those once they come to Canada. True Love is a beautiful shade!