Sephora Favourites | Bronze Bares-All

Thursday 2 July 2015


So I have some good news, and some bad news.  The good news is that this is an amazing set.  The bad news is that it is no longer available on Sephora's website or at any of the locations I have been to recently.  While normally I think that sharing a post about something you can't have is pretty mean, I decided to go ahead with this one because all of the products are still available full size at Sephora.  Recently I posted about another Sephora Favourites set, and I am back with another.  I love these sets because they let you try a mix of full and deluxe sized products at a fraction of the cost of buying each individually.  On a more practical note, I appreciate the smaller size as I never really finish any make-up.  I'm more so the kind of girl that has 1000 minis on rotation at any given time than the girl who has one or two core basics of each product type.  

The inside of the packaging.  I am most excited about the Becca highlighter, the NARS lipgloss and the Tarte contour stick.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal (deluxe mini)

This was probably the biggest draw of the set for me.  Given that the full size of this product costs about the same as this box, I would call it a great deal!  I was impressed by how pigmented this highlighter is-- seriously, you could use this as an eye shadow.  I was also surprised at how flattering it was on my pale skin.  It provided a warm sunny glow to my whole face, and left me feeling simply pretty.  The powder formula is buttery and fun to blend.  I mean, I love highlighter, but this one was a real delight to apply.  I can't wait to (slowly) add more Becca to my collection!

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Madeira (deluxe mini)

You may remember this from their Christmas set two years ago-- I know I do.  I am really impressed by this lippy's ability to both be a frosted winter look and a sun kissed summer look.  It really is one of the best pale pink neutrals.  Some how it both brings out my tan, and my paleness all at once.  I actually still have a considerable amount of my Christmas pencil left so I am going to try to finish that off before I break into the new one.

Formula X Nail Color in Evocative (deluxe mini)

I've never really tried Formula X before (having a Julep subscription can do that to you!) but so farI have been impressed by the quality of this polish both in terms of longevity and coverage.  If I didn't have a nail polish collection that was possibly bigger than my makeup collection I would be all over buying more from this brand.

Nars Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Supervixen (full size)

In speaking with other bloggers about this lipgloss I have heard mixed reviews.  While everybody agrees that is is moisturizing, long lasting, pigmented enough for a sheer gloss, and not tacky, there is disagreement on just how flattering the shade is.  My olive toned friends seem to not be a fan, but I have seen pretty pictures of it on both very fair and very dark tones.  It is a bronzy rose gold, so I can see how some may love or hate it.  On me?  Love.

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hour Wear in #14 (full size)

See, the reason I love these boxes so much is that it forces me to go a bit out of my comfort zone.  Normally I stick to black mascara and black liquid eyeliner, but this liner is a chocolate brown pencil with golden flecks.  I was amazed at how flattering this was on my green eyes-- I will be keeping an more open mind on eyeliner from here on out!  I was also surprised at how flattering a pencil with a touch of smudging can be!

Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Park Ave Princess (deluxe mini)

I was pretty excited to give this product a go.  I applied it where I normally apply contour and then smudged it in with a big dense brush.  I found that after blending it in it was not noticeable and looked like more of a bronze than a contour on me.  While I am not giving up on this product yet, I am a bit disappointed at first blush.  I will have to look up some alternative uses (suggestions welcome!)

Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (deluxe mini)

Lol so I have a bunch of these samples from various sample boxes and value sets over the years.  Love the chocolate scent, love that its matte, love that it is pretty light all things considered.  I find it not the easiest to blend, and I prefer to use it as a finishing touch.

Urban Decay Split Pan Eyeshadow in Half Baked/Twice Baked (full size)

I'm pretty sure I already have both of these shadows, but the gold (Half Baked)  is super flattering on the lid and the brown (Baked) is very pretty in the crease.  As a split pan, this shadow is great for travel and on the run touch ups!  As usual, these shadows have the pigmentation and quality that we have all come to expect from Urban Decay!  If you already own Naked 1 then you already own Half Baked.  But no harm in having an easier to transport version!


NARS Supervixen, Bite Madeira, Tarte Park Ave Princess-- blended, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Sephora Eyeliner #14, Sephora Eyeliner #14, Urban Decay Half Baked, Urban Decay Baked, Too Faced Chocolate Soilel, Becca in Opal

My Face of The Day:  Summer Makeup

I started with my favourite primer and foundation combination.  After that I applied Tarte's Park Ave Princess in the hollow of my cheeks to act as a contour.  I blended with a large dense brush.  Then I applied a sheer wash of blush (I used Josie Maran Spice) and a generous hand of Becca's Opal along my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow. I finished off my face with Too Faced's Chocolate Soliel by applying it with a large fluffy brush in a reverse "3" along my hairline, cheek bones, and jaw line.  I find this nicely blends the contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter into a pretty airbrushed and natural finish. 

I used a MAC twist up brow pencil on my brows, and applied Urban Decay's Half Baked all over my lid.  Then I applied Urban Decay's Baked in my crease with a large fluffy eyeshadow brush.  I added some more of Becca's Opal on my brush to blend my shadow and then added more Opal to put under my brows and in the inner corner of my eyes.  I applied some of Sephora's #14 Eyeliner along my lash line, and topped it off with Benefit's Roller Lash.  To bring it all together I applied the Bite Lip Crayon with some of the Nars Lipgloss in the centre of my lips.

So there you have it!  My golden bronze look!  As somebody who identifies as "bronzer-shy" I am totally in love with this and will be wearing this look again and again through out the summer!

Also wearing:

American Eagle Earrings $12
Joe Fresh T-Shirt $20~
Joe Fresh Navy Maxi Skirt $20~

Which item from this set is on your must have list?  Happy shopping! xoxoxo

(Also also thank you for all the comments recently.  Seriously-- it makes my day.  You guys are amazing!)


  1. This is such a pretty look!! I wish I would have bought this set- it's perfect!

    1. Thank you!! You can still pick up your favourites as full size products. The Becca highlighter = love

  2. Thanks for reviewing this set! I need to go to Sephora soon :)

    1. I saw it in stock at Sephora at the Eatons Centre!

  3. Everything looks so stunning. When I first heard of this set I was a little turned off because I thought they would just be all bronzers. They added so much variety to this set to make it worth it!

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru

    1. I had the same concern at first, but it really does have everything to create a full bronze "look". I feel so pretty when I wear it all together :)