#cocolovesTO | Photos with Chanel at Holts on Bloor

Tuesday 5 April 2016

chanel holts bloor

Last week I was killing some time on Bloor Street, and naturally I ended up in Holts (after spending some time in Sephora and Winners-- where I picked up this little Eiffel Tower).  Downstairs on my way to the subway I came across a special Chanel set up...
They had a camera all set up to take photos of you (and your friends) in a really well lit background. Once four photos were taken it gave you the option to print it, post it to social media, or email a .gif to yourself.

chanel holts bloor

chanel holts bloor

I wish I had stumbled across this with a friend, but hopefully I can drag one to join me later this week!  I felt a little awkward, but also pretty fabulous having this whole set up to myself. 

I had a great time, and couldn't have asked for a better way to kill some time on my own than by playing around with Chanel make-up, taking photos in perfect lighting.  

Here's how some of my iPhone selfies turned out:

chanel holts bloor

chanel holts bloor

So if you are looking for a lipstick sample, some great lighting and a chance to take some photos with friends, why not try stopping by before April 10th!

The lady who was working then I stopped by was really lovely and not pushy at all.  She encouraged me to take as many photos as I wanted (thankfully it wasn't busy) and to test some products.  She even insisted in spritzing me with some classic No5 before I left.  Did you know they made a hair mist?  Well now its on my shopping list!

Event details.

Happy Chanel-ing!

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