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Thursday 14 April 2016

the perfect palette 2 tag

The other day I came across "The Perfect Palette Tag" on Natalie's blog and I thought it would be fun to answer!  And before anybody asks, yes that is part of my actual palette collection.
(Since I did not do the original tag I am going to include one/two more questions that I thought would be fun to answer)

A palette you have hit pan onUrban Decay Naked! I was really proud of myself for hitting pan on that 1 colour. Just 1 colour. Though back in high school, when Too Faced Natural Eyes came in a cardboard box and had a super glittery colour I hit pan on half of it! I eventually depotted it and then bought it again.
Favourite Holiday or Limited Edition Palette
Why am I totally blanking? Surely I must have a limited edition palette...I actually think the only limited edition palette I own is this year's Tarte blush palette from their holiday collection. Does that count? Its lovely.

Edit: I went home and checked. I actually *do* have a limited edition palette from the 2014 Laura Mercier Holiday Collection. It has a lovely neutral blush and the most lovely navy and amethyst shadows...

Biggest regret & least used

Honestly, probably the Balm Nude Tude. I regret it because I never use it (thus why I combined the two questions!) I forget how it came to my possession (possibly Birchbox Points?) anyways I thought I wanted it, but there is so much wasted space in the palette and the colours are so similar to Urban Decay's that I simply never ever reach for it.

Eyeliner, brush or nothing

A girl an never have enough brushes-- assuming it is a proper brush (like those found in the Naked palettes) and not a sponge tip applicator (the worst) (if that's the option I would literally rather have nothing)

Favourite “naked” palette

Either 1 (classic neutrals) or 3 (pinks and mauves). I just don't reach for 2 as often, but it is lovely!

A palette you would repurchase or wish you had a backup (if it is no longer available)

With out a doubt I would re-purchase Naked, once I run out of my favourite shade-- Sidecar.

A shade you wish was sold individually

Hahaha see above ^ (aka: Urban Decay Sidecar). But actually I rarely use my single shadows. I just find palettes easier to use.

Best for Travelling

(This is a wild card question where you get to choose a question from the original tag)
I know with my answers so far that you are probably expecting me to say "Urban Decay Naked" but lately I find that the long palette doesn't really fit well into my make-up bags. I think that any of the smaller Too Faced palettes are great for travel (my favourites being Boudoir Eyes and Natural Eyes). I really don't think I could pick a favourite as one is cool where as the other is warm neutrals. Both have a great mix of matte, shimmer, satin, dark, light and mid tones. They are a great size, no nonsense or wasted space and over all great quality. Love travelling. Love these palettes. All is good.

The palette you would recommend to a friend

That's a tough one! I always recommend Naked Basics to friends looking for their first high end eyeshadow palette.  In fact I bought it for my 16 year old cousin for Christmas this year as an intro to Sephora for her.  I told her that if she gets into college & enrols that I will buy her one of the larger ones.  #incentives

I would love to see some of your answers in the comments!  Honestly I tag everybody who wants to do it.  However, I am going to call out MelanieKatherine, and Miranda!  I would love to see what you ladies have to say.

Happy shadowing xoxo

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