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Friday 1 April 2016

L'Oréal Total Repair 5

Recently Influenster picked me for a Vox Box after what felt like the longest time since my last one. It seems they went pretty far with this campaign as I see reviews popping up everywhere.

There were five different systems that you could receive in this campaign, each included a shampoo, conditioner and product.  The box also included a brochure (that includes a bunch of $2 off coupons). After reading it through I think I would have been better suited to either the "Extraordinary Oil" collection or the "Nutri-Gloss Luminizer" line.  However, based on the quiz I took they determined that the "Total Repair 5" line was the best fir for me.

My package included a shampoo, conditioner, and an anti-split end cream.

"Formulated with cicamide, it strengthens the fiber and helps restore hair's surface."

"5 benefits of repair: strength, density, vitality, shine, silkiness"

The package described this set as something that gets more effective the more you use it.  At first use I felt that my hair was softer and silkier.  I have now used the whole bottle of conditioner, and most of the shampoo (#LongHairProbs).  Here are my general thoughts:

1) This line doesn't really smell like anything, and that's okay.
2) The shampoo is creamy and lathers up well.
3) The conditioner is thinner than I am use to, but still leaves my hair soft and silky.
4) The finishing cream is really much more of a serum.  Much thinner than I am use to.  I concentrated it on the ends of my hair and found that it made my hair very soft.

Usually I use higher end products for my hair, but I was very impressed with this line as a drugstore product.  Recently I saw the shampoo and conditioner on sale at Shoppers Drugmart for $4.99 each, so if you are looking for a great budget option I would really suggest this one.

Generally I would not describe my hair as damaged.  However, it is quite long so the ends can get a bit scraggly.  That aside I think this set is also good for those looking to prevent damage (which let's be real, everybody should be!).

The campaign around this product was interesting because it called for two very specific Instagram or Facebook photos.  For your viewing pleasure:

So final thoughts: I would consider purchasing this again, once I get through my glut of shampoos to sample and finish.  I am actually working really hard to finish off my backlog of bathbombs, body washes and hair products before I move in with my boyfriend next summer, so I am not really planning on buying any more hair products for quite a while.  I liked this whole system and even though it was not the collection I would have selected for myself I found it worked well for my hair. I still have some shampoo left, so hopefully my brother will finish it off.  As for the split end cream, I will keep it on my vanity and continue to use it.

Did you participate in this campaign/ have you tried this line?  What did you think?

Cool milestone: I was really excited to see that for a time my #itrusttr5 instagram post was in the "Top Post" section.  I think that's the first time that has ever happened to me.  You can see my IG account here.

*Products were provided for my review.

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