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Wednesday 6 April 2016


I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to participate in GlamSense by Topbox-- Topbox's new review community.  I was surprised that I was selected for a campaign so quickly after signing up (but no complaints here!)

About the Box

I was sent the HydraForce by Lise Watier box.  It contained a full-sized Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme for normal to dry skin.  This line also carries a creme-gel for normal to combination skin and a lip balm.

The box also contained an interesting little device.  Now, sometimes I shy away from things that get a bit too technology heavy but this is really easy to do.  You simply download an app to your phone, plug this in where your headphones usually go, and start by testing your skin's hydration levels on your cheeks, hands, and t-zone.  The moisture levels confirmed what I already knew: my hands were dryyyy, my t-zone was alright but could be better, and my cheeks were fine.

HydraForce is Lise Watier's new Canadian line of weatherproof moisturizers (and if you saw this weekend's snow, you'll know why this is needed).  (Yes, this weekend, April, Toronto, snow.)  The line contains Gaspé Algae Extract.  Gaspé algae is use to harsh environments and help's guarantee your skin's global hydration.

About the HydraForce Squad in Newmarket

The HydraForce Squad was in "Toronto" (Newmarket) on April 2nd and gave shoppers at The Bay a chance to test out the products for themselves.  While this event was quite the trek from the city, it was a great opportunity for people in the GTA to test out the product.  Plus, free samples!

About my Experience with the Product 

Before using this product I was experiencing some major dryness in my hands (winter meets dry office) and some slight dryness in my t-zone. 

This moisturizer is gently scented.  If I were to give the scent a name it would be "Soft Ocean Breeze".  I can't quite pin it down, but it has a pleasant, refreshing marine scent to it that is quite nice. I would describe the texture as generous with out being heavy.  After using it for two weeks morning and night my cheeks remained hydrated, my hands felt good when I used it but still felt generally dry, and my t-zone felt less dry.  I did not have any negative experiences with this product.  Over all my skin felt softer and well cared for.  I enjoyed using this product and will continue to use the rest of it up!

Yes-- I need to charge my phone.

My first try using the device didn't go too well-- so try to view the 30% as the base line for this skin area (my cheeks).

This is my t-zone.  The spike was again, a mistake.  I found using the device a little finickie. 

On a less wonderful note, I did have some issues with the measuring device.  Now, I don't know if it is the fault of the device or of my phone, because as I mentioned my phone has been a little wonky lately.  For the first few days I was able to measure my skin, with some inconsistent spikes, but then suddenly no matter how I restarted it it would not take measurements any more.  I have included some of my measurements here. As mentioned though, before using this product I could feel dry areas of my skin, and in two weeks I have felt some improvement.  I don't need a device to tell me that my t-zone no longer feels dry.

Over all, I liked this product and would recommend it to my friends.  If you are scent sensitive this may not be the product for you, though I found I enjoyed the scent and that it did not impact my skin negatively.

I would say my first experience wth GlamSense was pretty great, and I can't wait to share more boxes with you!  As a blogger I appreciated that the timelines weren't too crazy-- there was enough of a chance to test the product before giving you an opinion.  On skin care, this matters.

You can learn more about these products, and when you can test your skin in your own city here.

Did you/ do you plan to stop by your city's event?  If so, what did you think of it?

*Products were obviously sent for my review. 

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