March Favourites & Empties & Tosses | Volume 3

Tuesday 19 April 2016


How is it already the middle of April?  Seriously this month has just flown by.  Anyways today I am sharing a bit of a twist on my occasional empties post, but also including some general life favourites. I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know what you think :)

Empties & Tosses

Unfortunately this The Balm cream eyeshadow dried out before I could really use it... which explains why it was on clearance at Rexall.  Baseball hype made me buy it last summer!  This Kiss lip scrub by Lush is quite nice, but reached its expiration date.  I really enjoy the formula, so I will be picking up another one next time I am at Lush.  The Essence mascara is a great drugstore option for fluffy defined lashes.  I quite enjoyed both the Givenchy and Buxom mascaras, but I have so many to get through that I can't even imagine buying another one.  I love love love love the YSL Touché Eclat and will be picking up a new one next time I am at a Shoppers/Murale during a 20x the points day.  

You can read my full review of the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 system here.  Over all I enjoyed this product.  The Laneige Water Bank sample was good, though its always hard to tell with single use skin care.  I love the Sephora Pearl Mask-- perfect for a little TLC while watching my favourite TLC show (also a great addition to any Snapchat to your bestie).  I find their eye masks are super cooling, and this Honey eye mask was no exception. Finally the BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze mask was nice though not remarkable.  It came in one of my last Birchboxes. 

Bioderma is my forever make-up remover love.  It removed everything without irritating my eyes. What more can you ask for?  I still have a few bottles stockpiled.  This baby was used up too! LivingProof PHD Night Cap is a really great product for protecting and repairing split ends over night.  Again, I have a few more of these stockpiled (I think I got a bunch as 100 point Sephora gifts?).  Lancome's make-up remover is also quite good-- I used this on a recent weekend trip.  As for the scrunched up Lush bags... I don't remember exactly what they were, but they were bath bombs and they were lovely!

And that is the end of my March empties!

Previous total: 65
Today's total: 19
2016 total: 84

I love that March had a few beautiful days where I could go outside and enjoy the scenery.  I mean, how pretty is Lake Ontario?

March had two nice days where I had a chance to go out running.  I'm not the best runner, and I walk more than I run right now, but I am still new to it.  Right now for me the goal is just to get out and do it.  I went a bit in the Fall, but I want to make it more of my lifestyle this Spring and Summer. 

(Its April now that I am writing this, and I went out again today.  I feel sore, but good sore).

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Finally, I am really proud of myself for hitting 1000 Instagram followers.  I've been spending some time building my Instagram lately and it has been really rewarding.  I've really enjoyed engaging with others :)

How was your March?  Any big blogging milestones for you?

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