My Custom MAC Palette | April (Quarry)

Thursday 21 April 2016


mac custom palette cost

I really look forward to this post every month.  I've been having a great time designing my own palette.  I always get curious as to what other people put in theirs, so I hope you have enjoyed watching how I put mine together.

Recently MAC has dropped the prices per pan from $12 to $8, with single shadows remaining at $19. If you are still buying shadows with their own case its time to change that!  There's no way that plastic case is worth $11.  As in, more than the shadow.  Ridiculous.

This month is my birthday month, but I totally wasn't thinking about that when I picked my shadow. I'm glad that I picked a shade that is totally "me" but I kind of wish I had picked something a little bit crazy.  Oh well!

mac blackberry star violet woodwinked quarry swatch

Quarry is the perfect crease shade in general, but also the perfect crease shade for the palette I am building.  While Blackberry can add that extra dimension, Quarry can transition all of the shades together for the perfect look.

Quarry is a matte, muted taupe-mauve.  Based on the palette I am building it is definitely a medium shade, it blends well and is easy to build from soft and muted to more defined.  This is my favourite sort of eyeshadow and I am glad to have it in this palette, even if I do own similar shades by other brands!

mac blackberry star violet woodwinked quarry swatch

Now that my palette has a good mix of shadows to it I thought it would be fun to put together a look focusing on the shadows in the palette.

I started by applying MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly" all over my lid all the way up to my brows to use as a base/primer.  Then I applied Yogurt all over my lid all the way up to my brows.  Next I used Quarry in my crease.  After applying 2-3 layers and really building it up, I added a touch of Blackberry in my outer crease to add some drama.  I then applied Satin Taupe all over my lid to my crease.  I then blended the shadows slightly, and finished off with Jest under my brows.

From the front this contour looked pretty great, but from the side I think it was a bit much.  Live and learn :)

mac blackberry star violet woodwinked quarry swatch

To complete the look I added a black cat's eye with my favourite black eyeliner, and two coats of my favourite mascara.

mac blackberry star violet woodwinked quarry swatch

I love the way these purple-plum shadows bring out the green in my eyes, and really make them pop!

tarte creamy matte lip paint namaste

I finished off with a matte nude liquid lipstick: Tarte's Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Namaste.

mac custom eyeshadow palette

My palette so far.

1. Jest
2. Woodwinked
3. Yogurt
4. Quarry 
5. Satin Taupe
6. Star Violet
7. Blackberry

Eight more shadows to go!

I'm really excited that this month I filled in a whole row.  Still nothing in the bottom, but it will come! I really want to add some navy and blue shadows down there.

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?  I'm thinking this summer I want to add some brighter shadows to the mix!

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