Essence Pure Nude Foundation & Concealer*

Tuesday 12 April 2016

essence pure nude foundation

I remember when Essence's Canadian offerings were basically eyeshadow and nail polish.  This brand has been really expanding their Canadian presence, and budget beauty hunters should rejoice! Essence consistently punches above their price point, and this foundation is no exception!

"Natural nude...the new foundation convinces with its light texture and natural finish. it reliably conceals irregularities of the skin and has a subtle mattifying effect. the liquid formula blends wonderfully with the skin for a gorgeous “no make-up” feeling."

This is probably the runniest foundation I have ever used.  It is so thin and watery... that being said it has pretty decent coverage and leaves my skin looking bright and dewey.  I disagree with the "subtle mattifying effect"... must be pretty subtle.  That being said, this foundation is perfect for a nice and light spring/summer glow!  It has a bit of a unique scent to it.  I wouldn't not describe it as off-putting, and it pretty much fades away once the foundation is on your face. 

essence pure nude foundation concealer

Essence Pure Nude Foundation and Concealer are available in three shades: 01 Soft Beige, 02 Soft Nude and 03 Soft Sand.  All three shades are pretty similar, and really aren't ideal for those on the light or dark end of the spectrum.  I'm actually too pale for even "Soft Beige" (even if it is sheered out).  It leaves a pretty obvious line where the foundation meets my real pale neck skin.  Of course, if you are darker these simply will not work for you-- which is a shame.  I really do like the formula of these products and would love to see them available for more beauty enthusiasts.

Essence Pure Nude Foundation & Concealer

I would describe this foundation as light coverage.  As you can see in this photo, my (light) freckles on my cheek are still visible as is the slight redness around the corner of my nose.  Again, this foundation is great for those new to make-up who are just looking to generally even things out.  If you have things you actually want to cover up, this foundation is not for you.

essence pure nude foundation

Essence Pure Nude Foundation

essence pure nude foundation concealer

Essence Pure Nude Concealer

essence pure nude foundation

I am wearing the foundation and concealer in "01 Soft Beige" and it is pretty clear to see that these products are too dark/orange for me.  Maybe if they offered "00 Snow White" I would have a match!  I am also wearing Essence How To Make Bright Eyes and Essence How To Make Your Face Glow.

If these products are the right match for your skin tone then I totally recommend checking them out. The formula is great, and I hope they introduce more shades to Canada so that a greater number of people can enjoy them!  

These products were provided for my review.  As always all opinions are my own!

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