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Wednesday 27 April 2016

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess

This weekend I finally tracked down the materials to make a marble background.  I started by playing around with these products for a flat lay, and before you knew it they were on my face.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a look I created by enjoying some of the products I haven't really played with since last summer.

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess

Last summer I made my first Makeup Geek order, but I never got around to reviewing it.  Between the move and adjusting to adult life this somehow ended up at the back of my drawer.  Commonly shortened to "MUG", their products are cruelty free, affordable, and high quality.

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

Twilight is a stunning, shimmery muted taupey-mauve that is just right up my alley.  It blends like a dream! (link)

Duchess is a gorgeous bold, matte purple.  It is unlike any other shadow I know, and plays well with both brights and neutrals. (link)

Mermaid is perfection.  Shimmery, oceanic, teal with golden shimmer, and oh so buttery.  Go all out with this on the lids, or add a touch of fun using to line your under eye. (link)

Each of these shadows retails for $6 USD.

For the look I am about to share, I used NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in "Giove" wet as an eyeliner.  The swatch shows it dry.  It retails for $36.  I purchased it swatches for $10 from Miranda on her blog sale.

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

After putting a layer of my favourite primer I applied a node shadow all over my lid to help blend.

Apply Twilight with a fluffy dome brush all through your crease.  I did about four layers to really build it up in the outer corner.

Next apply Duchess using a fluffy dome brush to your outer crease.  Again, built it up and also buff it out to create a nice gradient.

Starting in the inner corner, gently pat on Mermaid until just past the half way point of your eyelid.

Next gently pat Duchess on your outer corner of your lid, working in until you overlap Mermaid.

Where Duchess meets Mermaid go back and forth until it blends nicely.

Using a thin brush line your bottom waterline with Mermaid.

Add a drop of water to NARS "Giove" to create an eyeliner.  Line your eyes and extend with a cat's eye.

Do some gentle clean up.

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

make up geek mermaid twilight duchess swatch

I completed the look with a swipe of MAC Peaches blush and Tarte Namaste matte lipstick.

This is a fun look for the summer, and I can't wait to add some more colour to my daily looks. Mermaid  is such a stunner, and I just want to swatch it and look at it.  Twilight is more of a daily colour, and it is so lovely.

I've been debating making another MUG order, and playing with my collection just might have pushed me over the edge.

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