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Thursday 7 April 2016

blush beauty blogger tag

I have to say, if someone literally said to me, 'You're going off to a desert island, what is the one thing you would bring?' I would say, 'It's my concealer or you can just kill me now.' I've thought this through! Because I would find, like, berries in a bowl and make blush.

 -- Drew Barrymore

I came across this tag while reading A Beautiful Zen-- I made a few little edits to some of the questions.

What blush colour suits you the most?

I really gravitate towards rosey blushes with neutral to plum undertones for my day to day look.  I mean I would say I am lucky in that I think I can pull off most blushes, but I have a real soft spot for nice, neutral rosey blushes with a hint of plum.

Pressed, cream or loose blush?

Who has time for loose blush?  Who needs that much pigment?  I have a solid collection of pressed blushes, but my favourites tend to be cream formulas.

Favourite shimmery blush?

Hahahaha I am going to sound so clichéd, but I must say: NARS Orgasm.

Favourite matte blush?

Taret's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Mirage" is a pretty soft neutral pink that while not described as a matte, tends to wear like one.  Again, I have hit pan on this beauty and am pretty pleased with myself.  This blush is never a hassle, always applies nicely, and I will be sad to see it go.

Favourite cream blush?

Right now I am pretty obsessed with my Sonia Kashuk cream to powder blush in "Blossom" 03.  One of the few blushes I have ever hit pan on!  I just find it to be so wearable and flattering.  It has been in my travel make-up bag pretty consistently for the last few months.

Favourite drugstore blush?

Ummmmmm so I don't think I actually have any.  Does H & M's Beauty Department count as "drugstore"?  RIGHT.  NYX is drugstore.  Probably just about every NYX blush.

Favourite high end blush?

All of them?  Probably Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes.Specifically: Mood Exposure.

Edit: After trying Charlotte Tilbury's Pop & Swirl* blush I simply must add it to the list as a tie.  First Love is just lovely.

Favourite bright blush?

I love "Justify My Love"* by Too Faced.  It is a pretty, bright bubble gum pink with some sparkle. Applied to the apples of my cheeks, it is a fun wash of colour.

Biggest blush disappointment/regret?

Blush regrets...I kind of regret giving away my back up of my Sonia Kashuk blush in "Blossom". But, in my defence, I gave it to a very old and dear friend of mine who was transitioning to cruelty free make-up, and she gave me three MAC blushes just because.  I don't regret giving it to her.  At the time I liked it but I did not know that I loved it.  I guess I regret not buying a third backup?  Is that silly?  That is kind of my blush regret.  Not buying a third back up of a blush I didn't yet know I loved.

Edit: Walking down Yonge street a few weeks ago I came across a random little store having a clearance sale and lo and behold they literally had a bin full of SK makeup that they bought at Target when it was going out of business.  I was able to buy four more Blossom blushes at about $3 a piece.  More than the pennies I paid when Target was leaving Canada but still a great deal.  I gave one to my little cousin and the rest I have stock piled. 

Best blush packaging?

I like any packaging that has a sturdy mirror and a solid clasp.  Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Wear blush is good, NARS is good.  I like functional blushes that I can toss in my purse on the go.

What's on your blush wish list?

Right now I am really content with my blush collection.  But if I had to pick, I would love to add some more NARS blushes to my collection.

Edit: And more Charlotte Tilbury blushes to my list too...

What is your latest blush purchase?

A few weeks ago I redeemed some Shoppers points for Smashbox's Crush on Blush palette which I am currently working on reviewing for you1

What are your favourite blushes?  I tag any & everybody who wants to participate xoxo

*Products were provided for my review.  Not all.  Just some.  Opinions are my own!

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