Dior Star Review

Monday 20 April 2015


Foundation is one of the most personal pieces of make-up a woman can own.  Think about it:  It has to be the perfect mix of finish, colour, and undertone.  Recently Natalie from Ivory Avenue posted about her top foundation picks for super pale ladies.  I really enjoyed her post, and couldn't help but think about it as I photographed Dior Star for this post.  Foundation is always a bit difficult for me because I am super pale, and neutral.  I find most foundations too yellow or too pink on me, however I have always had great success with Dior's foundation.  My go-to foundation is Dior Skin Nude in 010.  However I wanted to pick up Dior Star so I had a more full coverage foundation on hand for special events.  

Dior Star is a full coverage liquid foundation with SPF 30.  I love this foundation because it has a silky finish and is so easy to blend.  When I use it with my beauty blender I am left with a foundation that might as well blend itself and skin that rivals airbrushed celebrities.  It gives a "lit from within" glow that doesn't look cakey or heavy-- a huge plus in my books!  This line has a pretty good range of shades, for ladies with fair through deep complexions.  Some people complain about this product having a fragrance.  However, I do not notice it.  This could be a concern for those with sensitive skin.

I am really happy that I finally decided to purchase this foundation after months of swatching it in store.  Of course, it helped that I got this for "free" as a part of my Shoppers Optimum Points Bonus Redemption a few weeks ago!  While I don't use this as a daily foundation, it has been great for fancier events and for cases where I know photos are going to be taken.  Every time I have worn it people have commented that my skin looked "wonderful", "flawless" and "perfect", so take that for what you will!  In fact, one of those compliments came after a day where I had worked for fourteen hours the day before and then got up early the next day.  My skin's solution to not sleeping?  Found!

Dior Skin Nude will always be my daily go-to, but there is more than enough room to have Dior Star around for special events! Now, about getting my hands on that matching concealer...

What is your go-to foundation?