Julep | The Pop Collection March 2015

Thursday 2 April 2015


Nothing has the power to brighten up a day quite like getting a package in the mail.  I was thrilled when this box arrived because I was very excited to test out the lipsticks and the new "soft focus finish" polishes.  Keep reading to find out what I thought of my March box!

First things first though, these are "Rockets".  Smarties are little chocolate rounds covered in chocolate.  These powdery abominations are not the Smarties that Canadians know and love.

Moving on, I ordered four nail polishes:

Lulu, basically a soft focus Ramona.  Ming, a sheer lilac jelly.  Ali, a soft focus mint Harmony, a jagged glitter holographic top coat.  I found Ming to be a bit of a let down.  Turns out sheer polish, on me, is just a gloopy mess.  Harmony I found to be a bit young for me.  However, Ali and Lulu are totally flawless.  Love love love how easy they are to apply and how pretty they are!  I really like that Julep played around with different finishes for this collection.  Can mint stardust be next? 

Sadly my lipstick photos did not turn out.  On the left is "Stepping Out" which should be a more true tine red.  "Chit Chat" on the right is more of a my-lips-but-better-plum-mauve.  I have been wearing Chit Chat fairly frequently and I love how weightless it feels on my lips.  Perfect for a polished but professional colour.  As for Stepping Out, the same fantastic formula, but a brighter pop of colour.  I love how fierce I feel when I wear it.  Now, let's talk packaging.  These come in sturdy, shiny black tubes.  The best part? Easy.  The magnetic closure.

I hope Julep keeps up the good work with both the packaging and the product!

Ming, Ali, Lulu, Harmony

What did you think of the March box?


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