Essie "Butler Please"

Sunday 12 April 2015


First off, what girl doesn't want a nail polish called "Butler Please"?  I picked up this colour because it is a bight, summery take on my favourite colour: navy blue.  I am thrilled with this polish, and can't wait to wear it once the weather gets a tiny bit warmer!  I'm already starting to swap some creams for pastels in my wardrobe, and it won't be long that I can start to rotate in some bright blouses, and polishes!

I really like Essie's square bottle.  I find they easy to organize, and thank that they look great all lined up!  (Also how pretty is that flower in the background?  Spring is coming to Canada!).  This polish retails for about $10 at most drugstores.

"Butler Please" is a beautiful slightly-lighter-than-royal blue with a bit of a nautical-preppy flare.  It has a high shine finish, and is fairly opaque with two coats.  I found it to have an average dry time.  With base and top coat my manicure lasted three days with out chips before I removed it for something pink.

Don't mind my hang nails!

I would recommend this polish both for its beautiful colour and for its flawless finish!  While I don't think this fits in the "professional" family of colours, I think it is a really fun weekend & beach trip colour!  I can just imagine me wearing this at my cottage with my dad BBQ'ing up some ribs, me getting a bit of a tan, and my dog sitting on the dock!  (Now I am hungry for BBQ....).  Okay... I can think of one professional setting I could wear this.

Side note:  For my American readers, this could be a great colour for a 4th of July themed mani!

Where would you wear this stunning blue?


  1. i just love this shade! i have a bottle of it somewhere :)

    1. Such a fun summery blue! I didn't realize when I bought it that I had a full mini bottle from a gift set!