Sephora | Beauty Before Brunch Event Re-Cap

Friday 17 April 2015


I am a huge fan of Sephora.  I shop there much more than I really should.  I love nothing more than wonderful deluxe sized samples to test and to take on trips with me.  I love events that really do feel special.  And while this event was nice, it was not amazing.  I should note that I do not blame the location I went to in the slightest!  My experience seems par for the course, and that makes me sad.
There were snacks (coffee, cookies), a sad little sample bag (that I will get to in a bit), and some lessons, plus 15% off everything in the store.

I took my mom with me because I had been giving her some contour lessons, and I thought she would benefit from a professional.  I am happy to say that the lady teaching the contour lesson was fantastic.  My mom learned the basics, I picked up some tips (which I will be sharing with you when I review my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette!).  After that lesson I took my mom to the beauty studio where she learned how to best compliment her eye shape, and what colours were the most flattering on her.  I learned that while shimmer looks great on 20 somethings, for our moms it brings out "texture" (re: wrinkles).  She learned to reach for matte products!  (Now she has her eye on Urban Decay Naked 2!).  I enjoyed that my mom got to learn some new tips and tricks!  We both walked out of the store with more than enough products!  

The staff at my location were beyond helpful, attentive, and kind.  I don't think they knew what was in the bag, but they kept on hyping it up as being "fantastic", "amazing" and "over flowing with samples".  Well when I think in those terms I think at least five deluxe minis, and a generous handful of foilies.  Well...

I honestly don't mean to complain, but this was pretty disappointing.  The bag its self is cute.  But one nail polish reject, five foil samples and a very small deluxe mini lipgloss (in a very pretty colour)?  I could have ordered online, gotten a bunch of $35 perks and been better off.  In the past Sephora has been more than generous in their VIB Rouge bags... what gives this year?

To top it all off, my nail polish was pretty grossly separated.  I had to shake it pretty hard to get this photo, and within minutes it was back to being blah.  On the bright side, the lipgloss is super flattering and has one heck of a minty tingle.  

The event in store was lovely as always.  But the gift bag sent from Head Office was pretty sad.  I hope that they get enough feedback like this and decide to do a little bit better for their top customers. I just wanted to be really clear that I do not think this was in any way the fault of the store I went to.  From what I have seen in my make-up groups on Facebook most girls got these sad little bags with defunct nail polish in unflattering shades. I was hoping for a bag like they did last August.  I really do hope that Sephora takes this feedback to heart.  Their events are usually beyond amazing.  I know they can do better.

Thankfully the 15% off took the edge off.  After all, who can say no to a sale?

I will be sharing my beautiful haul in the next few days.  Let me just say...Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, new brushes, and a total splurge on lipgloss!

What did you think of the Sephora "Beauty Before Brunch" event?  Did you love your sample bag, or was it just "meh"?

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