My Final Target Haul | Sonia Kashuk & Pixi

Monday 27 April 2015


A few weeks ago, Target Canada closed its big red doors for good.  I went in on its very last day to see if there was any Sonia Kashuk or Pixi left-- these brands will be difficult to find in Canada from here on out.  Lucky for me there were bins full of Sonia (not much in terms of Pixi).  However one thing I noticed it that they did not simply have a few bins with a whole bunch of colours.  Rather, they had each bin full of the same product in the same colour.  I decided to purchase two of everything.  One for me, one to give away.  My mom, and my best friend (who recently converted to only using cruelty free make-up) were thrilled!  Keep reading to see what I got.

Hidden Agenda Concealor Palette in 07 light, Beautifying Blush in Pink 14, Eye duo in Leather & Lace 10, Eye quad in Bronzed Beauty 50, Creme Blush in Blossom 03, Take Cover Concealing Stick in Daylight 20, Pixi Fairy Light Solo in No. 5 Boho Bronze

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealor Palette in 07 Light

This product is way too dark/ yellow on me.  I will be passing it along as it is a total dud on my skin tone.  Thankfully I only paid about $1 for this.  I like the creamy texture and think that I would have loved if they had it in "01 Light".  With that in mind...if you want this lightly used product, it is free if you pay the shipping.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Duo in Leather & Lace 10

This is one of my favourite products that I purchased in this haul.  The powders are creamy-- not chalky.  They blend well, and I find the grey-purple range to be flattering on me.  Great for an every day look!  This product does have some glittery fall out.

Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Pink 14

This mid tone matte pink blush is a perfectly pretty colour.  I like it because it blends easily, has a reasonable staying power (especially considering I paid less than $2 for this!) and is a flattering colour.  I love this sort of pink for spring!  I find this is a nice brightening colour for my very pale skin in that it brings some colour and just brightens up my whole look.

(Swatch follows the next blush mini-review)

Sonia Kashuk Creme Blush in Blossom 03

So let's just call it as it is: this is my very favourite product from this haul.  I love that the creme is light and airy, and dries both like a powder and like a creme.  It really is hard to describe!  But this warm pink with a touch of shimmer to it creates a beautiful "let from within" glow that is perfect for no-makeup-makeup, lazy weekends, and those days that you want the comments to be "you always look so put together" (legit-- that is what a guy friend said when I was wearing this the other week).  Non greasy, doesn't muck p your powder of foundation... once this runs out I will be making a trip to Target in the States.

Blossom swatch x 2, Blossom buffed in, Pink x 2

Pixi Fairy Light Solo No. 5 Boho Bronze

First, this shadow is nowhere near bronze.  Pewter or slate grey... but not bronze.  I love the little fairy that has been pressed into the shadow.  But as for the actual product?  Blends well enough, and has a subtle shimmer to it.  I mainly bought this because it was less than $1.50 and was one of the only remaining Pixi products that wasn't mauled.  I have enjoyed using this as a blending colour for smokey eyes, and alone on my lid for a more glam every day look.

 Take Cover Concealing Stick in Daylight 20

This is a thick, cream concealer stick.  Similar to the other concealer product that I picked up on sale, this colour is both too dark and too yellow.  So, free if you pay the shipping.  Feel free to comment if you want it.  I think this would be great if you have bags under your eyes or acne/acne scars.  It blends pretty well given how thick the product is.

Eye Quad in Bronzed Beauty 50

This was the item I was most excited about when I was in the store.  While I find this product has pretty intense glitter fall out, it is nothing a good primer and gentle application can't fix!  I find using this palette all together is a bit too much glitter for my liking, so I prefer to use some of my matte shadows and then enhance it with something from this sweet little palette.  The pans are pretty big which means I will have this for quite a while to come!

I am sad to see Target go, but I agree with the general thought that they did not really understand the Canadian market place.  Canada and The States has a lot in common, but we are still distinct societies and consumers.  I think one example is that they expected Sonia Kashuk to do well at Target in Canada, but on the very last day when every other shelf was bare, there were bins full of her products.  As a beauty blogger I know that her stuff is high quality.  But the average Target shopper likely just saw $20 beauty products in the drugstore isle and felt they were out of place.  I also often found that Target in Canada had empty shelves, empty space, and was just in general missing things.  I will miss having Target in Canada, and I hope that all Target employees who lost their jobs will find success in whatever chapter comes next for them.

I was able to purchase two of everything featured in this post for $15.  

Any tips to find Pixi in Canada would be greatly appreciated.