Julep | Light On Your Lips in "Tutu"

Wednesday 15 April 2015


I am such a sucker for lipstick.  Seriously, I was looking through my collection and I swear I only own about five different colours, just from a bunch of different brands.  I'm looking at you, dusty rose and red-orange! I fell in love with Julep's Light on Your Lips formula with both "Chit Chat" and "Stepping Out".  Tutu is a gorgeous ballerina pink.  Keep reading to find out a bit more about this charming lipstick.

Tutu is an elegant ballerina pink.  Perfect for spring!

It looks much bolder in this photo than it is when applied.

One day I will figure out how to focus this perfectly.


I really like the new collection of lipsticks that Julep has released.  To start, the packaging.  It is a high quality shiny black tube with a magnetic cap.  It has a very satisfying magnetic pull when I put the cap back on.  Next up, the product.  It is a very light weight, almost gel, lipstick that is easy to apply and that manages to last almost all day.  Most importantly, I love how light it feels on my lips.  While heavy creams may be great for winter, summer is on the way.  I don't know about you, but when it is hot outside, the last thing I want on my face are heavy products!

Tutu is a perfect girly pink.  Perfect for a girls shopping date, an afternoon at the park, or even just because!  I think Tutu would be flattering on cooler skin tones of all shades.  I don't see it being very flattering on olive-tones ladies, but I would love to be shown wrong!

I have loved Julep's recent make-up releases.  I hope they keep up the quality both of product and of packaging.  They are on a roll this year!  Speaking of which, only seven more days until I get to select my next box!

What do you think of Julep's recent releases?

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