DEAL ALERT: Updated Sephora Sale Section

Friday 19 December 2014

I was casually browsing the Sephora Sale section this morning, when I noticed they had updated it to include some pretty fantastic items!  You can shop the sale here.  I encourage you to check it out and see what they have, here are my picks:

(All prices are in CAD.  Lucky for you US ladies, things are likely all cheaper)

Bumble and Bumble Make It Big Set
$55 Value - $32.75 Regular Price - $26 Sale

Regular Price $106, $56 Sale
These brushes are so soft!

$67 Regular, $41 Sale
Worth it just for the brush.  I use that brush daily and it is one of my all time favourites.

$35 Value, $28 Regular, $26 Sale
One of my all time favourite mascaras.

$101 Value, $50 Regular, $30 Sale
3 of their lip balms with the matching tint.  Each duo is packaged in a smaller package making it perfect to gift!  I purchased this for myself, but can see my mom "borrowing" a pair!

$49 Value, $35 Regular, $25 Sale
I love the primer and hairspray--never tried the texture mist!  A solid deal.

Deborah Lippman Dance Music
$27 Value, $25 Regular, $15 Sale
$198 Value, $43 Regular, $18 Sale

Happy shopping! xoxo

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