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Monday 15 December 2014

I was really impressed by this year's Sephora Black Friday deals.  I ordered a few different ones that I am slowly working my way through testing.  I decided that rather than just do a haul post that I would go into a bit more detail about each one.  I ordered this set because I was pleasantly surprised by another set of minis I ordered from Tarte earlier this holiday season.  

All Sephora Black Friday sets retailed for $12 CAD/ $10 USD.

First, how adorable is the packaging?

This set contains a lipgloss, a blush and a mascara.

For size, compared to a can of Diet Coke.

Look how pretty the paper inside was!


The winner from this set for me was the lip gloss, which was a surprise.  This is a pretty mid tone pastel pink that I would best describe as "cupcake".  On the lips it looks neutral and professional but still young and pretty.  It was an average wear time but applies smooth!

The blush is quote pretty, though it is a bit too coral for my liking.  Given how pale I am, this blush requires a light tough.  All of that is to say, pigment isn't a problem!

This mascara wasn't anything special for me.  It was fine, it did the job, it separated my lashes well.  I plan to use up the mini, but I won't buy the full size.

Over all I am happy with this set!  I am still really new to Tarte products, so this was a great way for me to further test them out.  Given the price, you can't go wrong!  I love Sephora Black Friday sets because they give me a low cost way to explore new brands and products.  If I love it, I can always finish it up and buy it in full size!

Did you order anything from Sephora for Black Friday?

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