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Saturday 27 December 2014

I have a secret.  I never knew how flawless the Lush holiday line was until I got into this whole beauty blogging thing.  I never knew how pretty the items were, I never knew how delicious they all smelled.  I never knew what I was missing out on.  The other day I walked past the Lush at the Toronto Eatons Centre, and the line was so long that it wrapped through the whole store and into the hallway.  Rather than deal with that stressful mess, I went to the large, open, crowd free location on Queen West.  There I was able to ask the staff questions, smell each item on its own, and really make sure I was getting the very best goodies.

Such pretty pretty bath goodies!  And the smell?  Perfection. 

Before we dive into my Christmas goodies, I just wanted to touch base on two of my favourite every day products from Lush!

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment

I have golden blonde-light brown hair, so this is great for me.  However if you have lighter hair this may risk tinting it.  This is a pre-shampoo treatment.  I use it once every two weeks or so, using about two thirds and I find it helps with split ends and such.  It smells very...herbal.  Not the greatest smell, but it sure works!  I find the smell lingers after my shower, but more important it leaves my hair soft and silky.  

D'Fuff Strawberry Shaving Soap

This.  Stuff.  Smells.  Amazing.  Creamy strawberries with a hint of bubblegum.  I use it when I shave my legs and I don't even need body butter after.  My legs feel soft for literally two days after I use it.  Holy grail status.  

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

It looks like a little tiny pretty present!  This bath bomb has a more gently, soft scent.  Looking forward to giving it a try later this week!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

Its a bubble bath bar...on a stick.  The lady said you can get about 5 uses out of it.  Smells amazing!  Very much in the bubblegum strain of Snow Fairy.

Snow Fairy Limite Edition Shower Gel

This smells like the prettiest bubblegum you could imagine.  It smells pink, if that makes any sense.  Snow Fairy is only available in the lead up to the holiday season, so if you like it, better stock up!  I bought myself the medium sized bottle, and then for Christmas my boyfriend gave me the large bottle.  I will be using this sparingly!  A nice lather, its pretty clear why so many women love this!

Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt

Almond and marzipan :).  This is a bath bomb on top, bath melt on the bottom.  IT has a gentle, sweet smell that isn't at all overpowering.  When I used this the top fizzed out first, leaving the golden buttery bottom to slowly melt away.  Other than leaving my bath a bright yellow colour, I loved this product, and picked up two more in Lush's sale!

The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar

Who cares how it smells?  It looks so cute!  I don't even have the heart to use it.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Again.  Who cares about the smell?  It smells nice.  But!  How it looks in the water?  Wow.  It starts by turning the water purple, and then slowly releases yellow, blue, and pink, turning your bath tub into a mirror image of the Northern Lights.  Utterly beautiful, and very creative.  Well done!

Testing out Northern Lights in the store!


My bath box!

Hope you take some time to relax and have a bath over the holiday season!  I don't regret a single purchase that I made to create this collection.  After a long, stressful week, sometimes a nice bath is all you need!  I am especially looking forward to using the star wand!

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