Girl Meets Glitter | Ipsy November 2014 Review

Friday 12 December 2014

Dear Santa,

I would rather a lump of cole in my stocking this Christmas than another Be a Bombshell product.


Ipsy and Topbox and Luxebox Subscribers everywhere


Blerghhhhhhh on one hand I am sorry that my Ipsy review is so late, and on the other hand I'm not because this bag was a big pile of meh.

So let's start with the bag its self.  Silvery glitter with hot pink trim.  One of the prettier bags I have seen as of late, but still quite childish.  On one hand I want to keep it and on the other hand I want ti give it to my 5 year old cousin for Christmas with her brand new Disney store Elsa crown.  Decisions, decisions...

Look at the little zipper heart I made!

This bag included a knock off OCC Lip Tar by the always awful J Cat.  This colour looks maroon but applies in the black honey family of shades (based on the classic Clinique shade).  I have heard some pretty awful stories about girls getting awful reactions to the product, so to be honest I never even bothered to try it.  I didn't even donate it to charity.  Nope.  Straight to the trash.  Do I care what its worth?  Nope.  Remember that "eyeshadow" palette of body glitter from J Cat last year?  

The Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco hairspray was a welcome surprise.  I've seen it in store for about $7.  Great size for travel!  I actually used it last weekend when I popped up to Ottawa for a night.  It has a oddly nice smell to it, and kept my hair in place!  The clear winner of the bunch.  I would actually purchase this again.

Back when I was in high school I seriously considered spending over $200 at Sephora to purchase a airbrush kit by Temptu.  Well, I am so glad I saved my money because shortly there after they disappeared forever...until this tiny airbrush aluminizing pod arrived in my bag.  That's right.  They sent an airbrush pod which is full-size if you're a Barbie doll.  What a silly inclusion.  The formula is watery and annoying to use.  I tried mixing it in with my foundation, but I think I did it wrong because I felt like a disco ball all day.  

Look!  Another Be a Bombshell product.  This was actually the least awful make-up item in the bag.  It is a pretty copper-gold cream shadow that can be applied as a nice wash on a low makeup day, or played up for a fancy night.  It would probably even make for a good base.  I actually like this product, but I am really not a fan of the brand.

The liquid eyeliner is gloopy.  Black with large flecks of glitter.  I think it is a Jesses Girl product?  I wouldn't trust it near my eyeballs. 


After another sucky Ipsy bag, I am calling it quits.  I broke up with Ipsy (I will get one more bag in the mail!) and have already found my rebound: Birchbox!  That's right-- now in Canada!  I can't wait to get my first box later this month.  Buh-bye Ipsy.  ttyl xoxo

Ugggggghghghg my weakness!  I thought I cancelled, but after a great chat with my girlfriends over dinner I decided to give it one more month.  

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