Friendsgiving | Julep November 2014 Review

Sunday 14 December 2014

November was the "Friendsgiving" Collection from Julep!  The colours were a mix of delicate neutrals and deep shimmers.  I found this whole colour palette beautiful, and wanted pretty much all of it.  The products this month were a lengthening mascara, Length Matters, and a volume mascara, Go Big. I ordered both, but the Go Big shipped seperate.

The gift for taking 3+ add ons for November was Linden and Nadia.

Kiki, Devon, Shari, Marzia, Sawyer, Bonnie, Isla

Free gift for 3+ Add Ons: Nadia and Linden

My favourite colour this month was Shari.  She is a beautiful, ladylike neutral that I just want to always wear.

Bonnie is also a really pretty glitter, I love using her for glitter tips with Shari and Isla.

I found Devon to be a bit of a letdown.  The pretty shimmer doesn't translate well on to the nail.  However she makes for great nail art with any of the colours I ordered!

Kiki looks a bit strange in the person.  It is more of a "Princess Elsa Blue" that I think will go in my re-gifting pile.

I love love love using the two mascaras together.  My lashes look insane!  I did two coats of Length Matters followed by one coat of Go Big.  No lash extensions were added, but man, that mascara can build!

What did you order in November?

Stay tuned.  My December order was epic.


  1. I love your lashes.

    I have a blog too, I invite you if you want see it


    1. Thank you! Feel free to include the link in your reply and I will check it out! :)