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Saturday 6 December 2014

Lately I have been really into rose gold.  Add to that my life long obsession with blush... and yeah well this set was obviously going to be a ~$70 problem for me.  I was really, really good about self restraint, until the Flowerbomb bonus set came along.  A chance to get my favourite perfume and my dream blush set? Well at this point I have my Christmas gift shopping for me done.  

I've been using these blushes almost every day.  They just feel to pretty to use!

"A limited-edition blush palette with three shades of Ambient Lighting Blush for seamless, soft-focus, and multidimensional colour."

Swoon. So prettttttttttty...

From left to right:

Luminous Flush (champagne rose)
Incandescent Electra (cool peach) (limited edition)
Mood Exposure (soft plum)

Each blush in this palette is about 2/3 the size of a normal full sized blush from this line which retail for $41.  I have had my eye on Mood Exposure for a while (mauve-plum shades of everything are my favourite!), so the chance to get it in a set with two other pretty shades made it a decent deal.


I knew I was going to love Mood Exposure.  However, I didn't expect to love the middle shade (Electra) as much as I go.  It is a really beautiful shade for a lighter makeup day, creating a gentle flush of colour for a girl on the run.  The brighter pink is some times a bit much for my pale skin, but I ended up really enjoying it for holiday parties and nights out. I'm sure with a lighter application it could be nice for day use as well.

I love this set even more than I thought I would.  Each colour is super wearable, and hits just the right healthy-glowy-but-still-blush.  They are much less chalky than I feared they would be, and blend well.  Wear time is pretty good.  Not as long as the cream blushes that I generally prefer, but long enough that I was able to do my makeup in the afternoon for a night out, and get back well past midnight still looking good!  

My only complaint is that every time I touch it I leave finger prints on the outside, so slowly the outside becomes less beautiful.  I would also imagine that if you are the type to depot your products that this packaging would be both hard to part with, and hard to remove product from.  But over all a beautiful product that makes me feel beautiful both as I apply it and when its on :)


My pretty little gift with purchase!  But seriously, how sweet is this little box?

Perfume, Body Cream, Body Lotion and Shower Gel.

The cream/gel samples are so small I want to save them for something special.  Maybe for a date night? I just know that if I am going to use a tiiiiny shower gel based on my favourite perfume that it had better be for a special day!

So that is two days in a row with a post.  Let's see if I can keep it up!  I had some time last week to take a whole bunch of photos, so hopefully I will get those up over the next few days.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Black Friday haul-- can't wait to share it with you! 

What is your favourite holiday set that you have ordered so far? xoxo

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