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Thursday 18 December 2014

Let me begin this post by saying that paying the full price of $98 for this set is insane.  There is no need ever to drop $100 all at once on nail polish.  I bought this set when it was marked down to $50.  At $50 there is still no need to buy that much nail polish.  However I had a spare 50% off code which meant that I actually paid $25 for this set.  Now, $25 for a set of 12 polishes is a sweet deal.

I had a tough time deciding between this set and the Birthstone Collection.  However, I reasoned that I already had 6 of the Birthstone polishes (February, March, April, June, September, December), and I did not purchase the others for a reason, which made selecting the Gem Collection pretty easy!

This beautiful little set comes in a white box with golden detailing.  The box honestly feels too pretty to throw away, so I have decided to keep them in their home for storage.  Now, I entirely reject the notion that a colour is too pretty to use.  I purchased them to put on my nails and I am going to enjoy them!  I already have visions of glitter tips dancing in my head.  Some of the polishes in this box are old and others are entirely new.  Julep did that with most sets.  I think that was a (effective) method to move old stock.  Basically they made it such that you would only buy new polishes in sets, and sets always contain at least a few older polishes.

Top row left to right:

Karmen - Golden crimson microglitter

This colour leans much more fuchsia to me.  More of a hot shimmery pink than a crimson.  Very pretty though!
Diamond Theory - Full coverage multidimensional copper glitter

This colour is similar to my beloved "Summit of Style" by Essie.

Goldie - Full coverage gold microglitter

I always thought this polish would be more yellow, but it actually goes lean towards a very bright gold.

Beatrix - Coal black with multidimensional glitter

I love the idea of this over a black of grey polish.  Much prettier than expected!

Tania - Multidimensional mermaid teal glitter

One of my all time Julep favourites for the summer.  I already have a bottle of this, but having two is quite welcome!  I will be bringing my other bottle with me to the beach this vacation!

Laken - Azure iridescent shimmer

Oooooooh this polish is crazy pretty.  Like a shimmering tropical ocean, this polish will get a lot of summer time love from me!

Bottom row left to right:

Ciara - Vampy magenta with teal microglitter

Very similar finish to Laken, this would be a pretty end of fall shade: pretty but deep.

Elaine - Wisteria full-coverage microglitter

*.* so much pretty shimmer.  I have no idea what "wisteria" is, but this colour to me is total wonderlust.  Like a fairy or something.

Karenna - Pink and blue confetti glitter top coat

This colour is a total party. Paired on top of a hot pink or purple, I can imagine a lot of pretty, fun designs with this one.  The winner so far for me, in that it is entirely different from any other Julep polish I have ever used.

Kendall - Fuschia iridescent shimmer

The best word to describe this pink is "Barbie".

Tara - Silver, periwinkle & copper chunky glitter topcoat

Ahhhhhh love this.  If Paris is gold, then this is Paris, but in silver.  Flawless.  Oh the glitter tips I will make with this polish...

Amira - Silver chunky holographic glitter top coat

Pretty sure this same in a holiday duo as well, I love this silver topper.  Again, oh the glitter tips!

Winners:  My top three would have to be Tara, Karenna, and Laken.  Tania and Elaine get honourable mentions, but I already have Tania, and Elaine is so similar to Cameron.

Losers: None, actually.  I like all of them.


                                                         Swatches: Karmen is on the far left.

Personally I would never pay full price for this set.  But if you can snag it for $50 or less I would recommend it.  I am entirely happy with this purchase, and even happier that I got it for as cheap as possible.  Having only one dupe doesn't hurt!  It came in a beautiful package, and really did feel like a treat!

What gifts did you buy yourself this Christmas?

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