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Friday 19 December 2014

This was one of the holiday duos that Julep released this season!  As usual it contains one old polish (Noelle) and one new polish (Irina).

Both of the polishes in this duo are Satin finishes which are matte with shimmer.  In other words, entirely beautiful.

Noelle is the light shade in the middle, Irina is the pink to the right of Noelle.

Noelle is a champagne gold that makes for an excellent neutral.  Irina is a hot pink polish that is great when you want a bit more colour.  Both of these polishes apply well with one coat, but look better with two.  They are each very soft and feminine with a bit of a demure vibe about them.  I love this little duo, and I love it even more because rather than paying $28 I snagged it for about $9!

What holiday sets have you picked up so far?

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