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Saturday 20 December 2014

Lately I have been building up my confidence in my nail art abilities, and have been sharing them on my personal instagram.  For my poor followers from my personal life they get a mix of my nail designs,  professional life, my boyfriend's cats, and diet coke cans.  Let me be clear, my dream boss "<3" my nail art photos in Insta.  Do you know what that's like?  To see your professional life and love of nail polish collide?  Its a bit terrifying, but over all a great reception.  When I explain it as my hobby and my outlet people just tend to think that I can do magical things with glitter.  // end rant.

Okay!  On to my special holiday themed manicure post!

For Parties: Dipped In Gold

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  When I was a kid, I loved glitter nail polish!  When I started getting back into nail polish last year I couldn't figure out a way to make glitter look all grown up, until I figured out how to do glitter tips.

Start with your usual filing, base coat routine.  Then paint your nails either a nice silky navy or a to die for berry shade. I decided to use Julep's Lupita.  As for the glitter I used more of a bronze-gold glitter: Essie's Luxe Effect "Summit of Style".  Next carefully freehand a triangle with glitter.  Since you are using glitter it doesn't need to be perfect.  I recommend 2-3 coats of glitter so you can get a full coverage look.  Finish off with two coats of top coat and ta-da!

Lupita and Summit of Style

A slight variation using Julep Elana with Julep Paris tips.

For Family: Classic Red Candy Canes

For family gatherings I like to keep it simple.  When grandma asks you to pass the turkey, or when your boyfriend's mom hands you your gift, you want to look like the classy lady you are.  Also-- when you are last minute gift wrapping (which you will be) you won't have time to go all out on a fancy design!

Accent nail

All out

My pick for a high shine classic Christmas red is actually the coca cola themed shade from OPI called "Coca Cola Red".  If you weren't lucky enough to pick this beauty up this summer, some great alternatives include Julep's January and Essie's Twin Sweater Set.  For the stripes I used Julep's "Coretta".

File your nails to a square finish, apply your favourite base coat and then let it set.  Once that's done, apply two coats of your favourite red, giving it time to set.  The beauty is found in the simplicity on this one.  You may go for an accent nail or to add stripes to each nail.  The trick is to put the stipes at a nice slant so they appear to wrap around the nail.  Finish it off with your favourite top coat, and, there you go!  A really simple, pretty, classic manicure for the family.

For New Years Eve: Sparkling Champagne 

Look the part as you hold your glass of bubbly while you lean in for your midnight kiss.  New Years Eve is all about glitz, glam, sparkly and romance.  What could possibly be more beautiful than a rose gold manicure finished off with a touch of glitter?

Base coat, Soliel, Nell, Top coat

Since filing and base coat go with out question, move on to painting two smooth, thin coats of Julep's Soliel.  This polish is a bit streaky, so you will need two coats minimum.  Then carefully dab glitter, I used Julep's Nell, on the tips, dragging it down to take up no more than the top 1/3 of your nail.  Let it dry and then dab on a second coat right on the tops.  Nell is a gritty glitter, so be sure to finish off with two coats of topcoat to give a glossy high shine finish.

Just Soliel

With Nell on top!

And there you have it!  The only manicures I will be wearing this Christmas, and the only looks you will need as well!  My favourite is the Sparkling Champagne manicure.  I am wearing it right now and couldn't stop looking at it as I wrote my exam tonight.

Enjoy! <3

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