Julep | The Countdown Collection December 2014

Thursday 18 December 2014

Julep has been killing it with their collections this fall!  The September Art Walk Collection was the closest I had ever come to making a larger upgrade...until this month!  Can I jut say...wow.  Those eyeshadows, the metallic and sparkly polishes, just simply wow.  This collection was very well put together.

My box arrived as a massive box filled with more crinkle paper than I could imagine.  My Polish Lovers Upgrade came inside another box.  the gift for taking 3 add-ons this month was the lip plumper.  I also added on Nell-- and can I just say, she is my new favourite!

Opening this massive box was pretty fun.

Look at those lovelies!  

The other really exciting thing I wanted to share with my lovely readers is that I won the #dogsofJulep contest!  My little dog Echo was a fantastic model, and used her natural beauty to win me a mystery gift valued at $50!  I entered on a whim because I thought Echo would make for a cute photo.  I've never won one of their contests before, so this was pretty exciting to me.  I will be sure to share my prize when it arrives!

All in.

Chatoya, Soliel, Ilga, Rochelle, Paula, Sharna, Nell, Sienna, Aurora, Karissa

Orbital Eyeshadows: Equinox, Earthshine, Airglow


All three of the eyeshadows that I purchased are very blendable, easy to build, and look great when worn!  Equinox is a stunning mauve-grey, Earthshine is such a fantastic neutral and Airglow is a pretty nude with way more glitter than I anticipated!  I love them all.  They play well together, and look at how great they look with Julep's mascaras!  Honestly, Julep is really stepping up their make-up game.  I'm impressed!

Me wearing Equinox and Airglow with Julep Length matters and Go Big Mascaras!  In case you're curious, I'm sipping my favourite Tazo Tea: Zen!

Aurora, Sienna, Soliel, Nell, Sharna, Chatoya, Paula, Rochelle, Ilga, Karissa

All of the pretty polishes!

Bold Colours:

Karissa - Karissa is a bright, playful tomato red.  She applies easily with no snags or streaks.  One coat is enough, but two makes her flawless.  

Ilga - A very pretty red wine shade that will look beyond beautiful for Christmas dinner while sipping a glass of Merlot.  

Rochelle - Not the most unique shade, but this shimmering deep berry colour is very glamorous for the winter season!

Paula - A bit of a let down as the shimmer doesn't translate as well on to the nail, but still a very pretty shade.

All About That Sparkle:

These are simply my favourites.  I love them all so very much.

Chatoya - A platinum holographic glitter, entirely beautiful on her own or as a topper.

Nell - A flawless rose gold / champagne blush.  I already ordered a back up!  Truly a full coverage glitter, Nell looks beautiful on her own, or, my favourite, as glitter tips on Soliel. 

Sharna - A bronze glitter topper, much prettier than expected!

Classy Metallics:

Aurora - This polish is a bit streaky.  A few careful coats render a very pretty finish!  

Sienna - Fun fact: This is Julep's first "Back From The Vault" polish.  A very popular, pretty shade, she is back for now!  Not the first colour I would bring back, as Julep has more than enough golds.  This colour has more of a shimmer finish than a true metallic.  

Soliel - A very pretty rose-gold metallic, more akin in finish to Aurora than Sienna.

As I mentioned, I entirely love this collection.  Nell and Chatoya are my favourites, but I love this collection as a whole.  The eyeshadows are stunning, the polishes are great quality, and I am one happy Maven!

What did you order this month?  Hard to believe that the next Maven reveal is on 2 days!


ps.  Did you hear that Julep now lets ALL Mavens skip again?

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