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Monday 15 December 2014

When was the last time that you had a chance to play with make-up.  Not just do your make-up, but I mean actually take some time, test out some new products, and just have fun?  Well I did just that last week.  Inglot, a Polish cosmetics company, just opened a store in Toronto near the Eatons Centre.  I meant to go to their blogger event, but I was just too busy both nights.  Instead, I picked a quiet afternoon to head over to poke around.  I think that was for the best as it really gave me a chance to get to know the products and the brand.

I was met with friendly staff, and a plethora of products and colours to dive right into.  I was immediatley drawn to their "Freedom System" which includes variously sized empty magnetic palettes.  From there you take around a magnetic board and you figure out exactly what you want to go inside it.

Shadows and brushes and lipsticks oh my!

Freedom System

Here is my board with the colours I was originally drawn to!  While I really enjoyed the blush and bronzer, I decided to focus on eye shadows.  I selected a 5 shadow palette and had a near impossible time deciding how to fill it!  I decided to purchase the two matte shadows and the white highlighter (46 - pale pink, 344 mid tone mauve-taupe, 326 - smokey brown-plum).  

I left the store with two blank spots in my palette.  I came back yesterday to grab two more and complete my custom palette, which I will be sharing with you this week, complete with swatches!

I loved getting to create my own palette.  I feel like the one I created really captures the best colours on me, and the textures I love.  I love mauve-taupe shades on me: colours that are neutral but with a hint of purple to bring out the green in my eyes.  I also enjoyed getting to strike what I consider to be the right balance of metallic a matte shades.  


I walked away from Inglot impressed by their product selection and range of shades.  I was really happy with every product I tried, but alas, couldn't bring them all home!  I would compare the quality to rival MAC, although the prices are more affordable.  Each eyeshadow is $10, however to get any use out of them you need to buy a palette which ranges from $10-$30.  The 5 eyeshadow palette I purchased cost $18, which puts a 5 palette at $68 once filled.  

I love the creative aspect of putting together a palette and piecing it together colour by colour.  I really enjoyed narrowing it down to a wearable neutral palette that could easily transition into night.  The palette I created is what I imagine Urban Decay Naked 4 to look like-- only better :)

Drop by in a few days when I will share the palette I made and tell you why I love it so much.

Have you tried Inglot yet?  What did you think?  What of theirs should I try next?

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