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Sunday 28 December 2014

As I mentioned earlier this month, I went to Inglot at Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto earlier this fall to check out their brand and test out their products.  While I was there I ended up falling in love with eyeshadows 326, 344, and 46.  After testing them at home, and being more than satisfied with the results, I went back to complete my palette with 420 and 153.

Before I get into talking about the actual quality of the shadows (which are, by the way, fantastic), I wanted to first explain why I love the concept so much. I don't know about you, but I reach for my shadow palettes way more often than I reach for my singles.  Its so much easier when everything you need is right in front of you.  However, I know that when I buy a palette that there are almost always colours I don't use.  For me, these are usually the super sparkly ones, or the very dark ones.  I have also often caught me critiquing palettes-- to each their own.  Too much sparkle, too few mattes, I wish there were more purple-taupe shades...enter, the Inglot Freedom System.

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

I designed this palette entirely with me in mind.  How cool is that?  There was no attempt to make it accessible to a wide range of tones and undertones, and to preferences.  It was entirely for me.  Thankfully, Inglot does cater to all the skin tones and undertones you can imagine with their wide range of options.  From there, customers can customize to their hearts content.

I wanted to create a taupe-purple palette that was neutral enough for daily wear, and could be brought up a spike or two for special events, and I know that for me, I hit the nail on the head.  344 is aperefct ever day colour.  Pop 326 in the crease and 46 under the brow bone, and boom!  Ready to go.  Add 420 or 153 and suddenly I a ready to hit the town.

I am a huge fan of matte shades, so being able to include these two was pretty great.  

Here are some photos in different lighting:

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

Picked up that brush too for about $20

326 (Matte), 420 (Satin), 153 (Satin), 344 (Matte),  46 (Shimmer)

Now, in terms of pricing.  The palette its self cost me $12, and then from there each shadow was $10 meaning this palette cost me $62, generally in the same range as Urban Decay's Naked palettes, and other higher end options.  However, the pans are larger than most higher end palettes, and come with the flexibility of being able to customize it to your liking.  These pans are metallic, and so would also fit in a Z-Palette if you have one! 

46 (Shimmer), 344 (Matte), 153 (Satin), 420 (Satin), 326 (Matte),

Top: Done with a brush

Bottom: Swatched with my finger

46  - This is a sparkler.  Perhaps a bit too sparkly for the brow bone?  I find it works for me.  This shade has the most fall out of any of the five I have purchased.

344 - This is the perfect mauve-taupe.  Taupe enough to be a neutral.  Mauve enough to bring out the green in my eyes.  I love using this as a crease colour to add some depth for day-to-day wear.

153 - A taupte-pink-bronze, this satin shadow is like butter!  Insanely easy to work with and to blend out.  Love!

420 - A similar flawless formula to 153, this shade is more of a cool toned pewter-mauve.

326 - This deep plummy taupe is perfect for my creases when I am seeking a more dramatic look!

I am beyond impressed with the quality of these shadows, and am looking forward to trying more of their products in the near future.  I was pretty interested in their contouring shades!  The shadows blended together like a dream, and there is no better palette than the one you design just for you!  

Have you tried Inglot's Freedom System yet?  What did you think of it?

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