Ipsy | December 2014 Has Finally Arrived

Thursday 8 January 2015

I'm back!  I had an amazing amazing week in beautiful, sunny, warm Cuba!  And after spending some time unpacking and doing laundry I am back to the blog.  While I was away I received more boxes than I care to admit to.  My Ipsy bag was very late this month and actually only arrived in the week after Christmas.

As a Canadian I was pretty frustrated that despite advertising Bumble and Bumble products, no Canadians could receive them.  When I inquired as to why, I was told that this was because Bumble and Bumble's website does not ship to Canada and thus they didn't want to disappoint Canadians when we would be unable to order them.  Ummm....thanks?  Not like Sephora sells it here or anything... anywaysssssss I ended up with a Sexy Hair product that my cousin swears by, so all is not entirely lost.  

This month the bag was a cheaply made black satin slim rectangular shape, with hot pink trimmings and a pink heart keychain on the zipper that said "IPSY".  Nothing special about this bag, its on the small side.

I got the NYX Lip Butter in Marshmallow which in theory should be great (love the brand), however it is a sort of ugly yellow-beige and just simply not flattering in the slightest.  I was happy about the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara as I have heard some great things.  Great for defining my lashes, not as great at volume.  I enjoy wearing this mascara on lighter makeup days.  The Cailyn Eye Polish colour is stunning!  A rosey-purple gold.  However, the format of the product is awkward.  I won't even try the BWC face cleanser as it smells like chemicals, and I have seen photos of girls on Instagram who tried it and essentially ended up with burns.  Finally, the Sexy Hair 450 Blow Out spray is decent!  Nothing better than any similar product I have used, but it made my hair feel soft after it was dry, so that counts for something. 

And that's my review!  I really don't know how much longer I will be staying with Ipsy.  I don't really have any feelings about this bag, and it would be nice to save some money every month.  I don't love my bag that I am getting this month either.  

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