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Wednesday 21 January 2015

As you may have gathered from some previous posts, I went to Cuba over Christmas break!  Last year I did a post that was well received on what beauty to pack, so today I wanted to share what bath and shower goodies I took with me, and how I did so in a compact manner.  

Keep reading for my packing tips and tricks!

What I packed: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Oil, Konjac Sponge, Face Scrub, Face Wash, Make-up Remover, Body Scrub, Bath Bomb, Wide Tooth Comb

Not pictured: Moisturizer, Night Oil, Face Mask, Deep Conditioner Hair Mask (single use), Hand Scrub, Make-up Remover Wipes.

How I did it: For Christmas my boyfriend's mom got me this 4-part door hanging cosmetics case from Winners.  I used the two smaller compartments to place my shampoo and conditioner.  In one of the larger compartments I placed all of my skin care items, and all of my shower items in the other.

Why I did it: It makes unpacking to much easier!  I love when I can easily find my skin care products on night one.  I love when my conditioner and my shampoo are in the same place.  Bonus? This case folds up into a compact rectangle which is easy to pack!

Tips: The Bath and Body Works mini body wash is perfectly sized for a week away (but if you are going away for a weekend I would recommend the Body Shop mini).  I was able to pick up my go-to Face scrub in a mini, and I poured some of my face wash into a smaller container to save space and weight.    

On the bath room towel hook!

More Tips: On the right you can see three of my favourite full sized products.  On the left?  The same products in deluxe sample size.  I have carefully worked to acquire some of my favourite products as deluxe samples (mainly from Sephora 100 point gifts) to save on space when I travel.  I saved space and weight!

I pack all of my "dry" make-up (think powders and tubed products such as mascara) in one bag and all of my "wet" make-up in another.  The wet products go in my packed luggage, and my dry make-up in my carry on.  Doing this saves on space and weight, as packaging is both heavy and bulky.

After I arrived at the airport I decided to walk through the duty free at 4:00 am, because why not. I was really taken by all of the products and selection, but opted to only purchase a MAC lipstick because I didn't want to miss out on Sephora points.  

I looked like such a mess looking through the shop.  I was the only one there.  My hair was in a messy bun and I was wearing slippers as shoes.  

I really liked this $238 Michael Kors purse.  Loved the hot pink colour blocking. I was close to getting it, but it seemed like a hassle to carry on the plane and all the way to Cuba and back.  Might do some duty free shopping on the way home from Washington!

Green tea makes any morning better.  For the flight I wore a hydrating BB cream, mascara, and Benefit Wow Your Brows.  I slept the whole way there!

How do you pack for vacations?

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