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Tuesday 27 January 2015


Last week I went to put a new hair product on my beauty counter, and there just wasn't any room left!  I took stock of my collection and realized I had a bunch of bottles with only a little bit of product left in them!  These bottles are taking up a lot of space both on my counter and in my bathroom.  So, I decided to create a little challenge for myself and for my readers.

The Challenge:

1. Gather whatever products you think are taking up too much precious beauty real estate.  I suggest products that are almost done, or that are nearing their expiration date.

2. Put them in a bag or a box.

3. Starting on February 1st do your very best to incorporate these products into your routine.

4. Every week post an update with your status that links back to this post.  Either comment with your link, or send me an email at  If you are participating on Twitter or Instagram, tag it with #FinishItOffFeb

I will post some pictures and links from those who decide to participate with me.

5. On February 28th the challenge ends.  Everything you put in your bag or box gets thrown out-- Even if you didn't finish it.  This forces me, and you, to pick a reasonable goal, and to stick to it.  Once the challenge is over, the products go in the garbage.  No matter what.

Good luck!  I can't wait to see your progress! Happy Finish it Off February! xoxo

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