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Saturday 24 January 2015

This month it was pretty hard to make my decision for my Julep Maven box!  I went back and forth probably 30 times with everything from the Ultimate Upgrade, to combinations of add-ons which included both of the highlighting pens.  At the end of the day though, there were a few products I really, really wanted, and a bunch that I was on the fence about.  Knowing how badly I want some of the Essie Cashmere Matte collection, I decided to scale my order back:

London because it looks pretty similar to Rae, which I missed out on last year.

Brandis because I can think of some neat nail art ideas to do with London.

Carla because I am a sucker for soft pinks.  And tea.  And roses.

Glow Highlighting Powder because highlighting = love

Fan Brush because this brush looks impressive!

Heart Decals because.

+Becky because satin finish.  This polish will be coming for me in my mom's box!

In the end I decided not to order the highlight pens because I already have a YSL pen that I love, and it seems silly to purchase a near dupe.  Plus, my mom will be getting a highlight pen that I can test out, and if I love it, Julep always has a sale.

What are you getting in your box this month?

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