Julep Mystery Box | Naughty or Nice December 2014

Friday 9 January 2015

I will start of by saying that I am sorry about the state of these photos.  I took them in a rush on Christmas because I wanted to give about half of the box away to my 15 year old cousin.  She actually asked me if I had heard of Julep because she loved their polish.  So, I let her have three of the polishes from this box, and quite a haul from my dupe box!  All for a good cause.

I ordered this box for Sue, and I was not disappointed!  She is a beautiful soft pink with a wonderful sheen that looks pretty and classy.  Patricia is alright, not my cup of tea, but a nice purple.  I also received Logan, Julian, and Joanne.

As for non-polish items I got the Glass Nail File, Oxygen Top Coat, and Overnight Repair for Hands.  I was thrilled because I just finished a top coat, and I love the hands duo.  Over all this box was a total hit for me, made even better with the use of a $15 referral code, bringing this box to $9.99.  Julep has really stepped up their mystery box game!

Did you share any beauty products with family this Christmas?

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