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Friday 23 January 2015

I often just use my holy grail products on a day-to-day process.  However, every now and again I come across something new, something beautiful, something useful, or something special.  While Christmas shopping for friends and family I couldn't help but come across a few new products!

Keep reading to find out about my most recent finds!

Winners SatinMask Sleeping Mask

How cute is this sleeping mask?  I picked this up for about $8 a week before I left for Cuba.  I used it to help me sleep on the way there, and I found it to be really useful!  I will be using this again on my next early morning flight!

Winners Ollie & Olivia Make-up Bag

When I picked up my sleeping mask I also came across a treasure trove of beautiful, high quality make-up bags by Ollie & Olivia.  I ended up purchasing a few in various floral patterns.  I really liked this pink bag both in terms of size and shape for travelling with nail polish.

Benefit Three Scoops O'Sexy

I picked up this set of Benefit tints and balms for about $20 on sale after Christmas.  I love Lollitint and was curious to try Posie Tint.  While on vacation I was applying these left right and centre!  Now that I am back home I have found that they are great to use on cold, windy days to help keep my lips from chapping.  

Julep Annie 

Another Winner find.  I picked up this pretty purple because "Annie" is my grandma's name!

Carven Le Perfum

Sometimes before bed I like to apply some because it smells like a calming powder.  I love this perfume for days when I want something soft and pretty, or even for days that I am staying home alone and just want something that I like.  I got this as a part of Sephora's "DELIGHT" promo, for free with a $35+ order.

Unite Wicked Wax

Before one of my Christmas parties this year I got a blow out at Blo in Yorkville.  The lady who did my hair used this at the very end to slick away baby hairs and to keep the soft curve of the hair around my face.  I purchased it on the spot for $22 and have since used it every time I have given myself a blow out.  I love how it is light, not greasy, and how it keeps my hair looking flawless all day long!

What are your recent favourites?

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