MAC | Paint Pot in "Painterly"

Thursday 15 January 2015

The Sephora points program is really a catch-22 for me.  I love Sephora and their brands, and I love getting points.  Right now, I am saving up for a big point gift, so every point counts.  For that reason, and that reason alone, I tend not to really go into MAC that often.  

However, when I do, I always find their consistency calming, their artists knowledgeable, and of course, their products wonderful.

Lately for school I have been rocking the "no make up make up" look.  And by that I mean, wearing make up, people knowing I am wearing make up, but really trying to achieve that "glow".  I love this product because it evens out my eyelids, adds a touch of depth, and makes for a great base.  Simply put, it looks amazing on its own, and amazing as a blank canvass for more elaborate looks.

"Painterly" is a cool tone peachy nude with a hint of taupe.  It is a touch darker than my skin tone, and would probably look great on most fair to light complexions as a skin tone neutral.

The artist I spoke to at MAC applied it to me using a light and and a brush.  The results were soft and airbrushed.  I sometimes do that, and sometimes use my finger.  When I use my finger the effect is more opaque, and more make-up-like as opposed to soft and glowey.  

This product is a thick cream-gel that is easy to blend and build!  I never experience creasing or running.  Once its on, it is on all day!  I even wore is to do snorkelling in Cuba and after wiping my face from the salt, my mascara was all over my face, but "Painterly" stayed put!

Here I am wearing "Painterly" on my eyelids.

In the three weeks that "Painterly" has been in my make-up bag, I have used it almost every day.  I love how natural it looks, and I love how vintage it can look with the right choice of red lips and a cat's eye.

What is your favourite MAC product?


  1. Oh wow, this looks absolutely fabulous. I love that it's super neutral. Also, yes. MAC. I love everything. I rarely shop there because of price, but everything I've tried has been amazing.

    1. I love love love how natural it looks! I find it brightens up my whole eye. If they sold MAC at Sephora (like they do in Europe) I would buy way more from them!