Christmas 2014 | A Few of My Favourite Things

Monday 12 January 2015

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite Christmas gifts with my lovely readers!  This post includes a beautiful tea mug, some Sephora Christmas sets, and some lovely gloves from my boyfriend!  I was lucky this Christmas to spend time with my boyfriend and his family in the countryside, and to spend New Years with my family in Cuba!  

Earlier this year my boyfriend and I went to Paris.  I got this mug under the tree from Santa and love how simple and romantic it is!  Perfect to daydream with while I write my final semester's worth of papers.

My boyfriend bought my Lush's Snow Fairy, a limited edition bodywash that they release at Christmas and that smells like bubblegum and every other pink thing in the world blended into one.  I will be using this sparingly!  The gloves are faux fur, but are warm and fuzzy.  Perfect for this cold snap!

My family knows me far too well-- so much green tea!

Four pretty little lipsticks from Smashbox, including Honey in full size!  Love Honey as a winter neutral, and this little set is so sweet!

This drybar Shower Cap is specially designed to protect blow outs with its terrycloth liner.  My mom loved this gift so much that she ordered one for her self!  And I must say, it works!

And finally, two skin care sets which included many of the products I use every day!

What were your favourite Christmas gifts?


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