January In Review

Saturday 31 January 2015


January went by so fast!  Once I got back from Cuba I was right back into the swing of things with class, work, and trying to do a better job at my blog.  School is really flying by now that it has really dawned on me that after April I am done!  Over all, no complaints about January.  I just wanted to share some highlights both in my personal life and of course, in terms of products I have loved!

I bought this decadent looking gift-shaped bath bomb at Lush just before Christmas thinking it would just be a soft, pretty, feminine little treat to enjoy.  I tossed it in my bath and turned around to find my deep conditioner.  By the time I had turned around, this had happened: 

Crazy, right!  Some how that little yellow gift became blue and green and pink and shimmery!  And then...

Aqua and little stars.  The deep shimmer can't quite be seen.  What a shame this product is only around at Christmas!  It sure makes me want to take advantage of other seasonal offerings that Lush has...like their Valentines Day collection!  Look.  I'm not saying that I have already made a substantial purchase or that I will be sharing it in the next few days or anything...but that unicorn horn sure smells good ;)

Before Christmas I fell in love with a pretty blue wrapping paper with a girl in an old fashioned dress and a gift.  I thought it was so classy and pretty!  I was delighted to see it went on sale from $4.99 to 25c at my local Shoppers.  So, I picked up a very necessary 13 rolls of paper. 

I really enjoyed hanging out with my parents and boyfriend earlier this month, playing cards and sipping wine.  What a lovely evening!

Another bath-- this time using Northern Lights.  Also from the Lush Christmas line.  

A few years ago my Aunt gave me a pair of earrings just like this one.  Unfortunately, earlier this month one fell out, never to be seen again.  I wear these earrings most every day, so there was no way I was going to go with out them.  After visiting three separate Swarovski stores I found an exact match for my earrings.  The lady who worked there told me that they were phasing out these earrings, so I came at the right time!  I was so thankful to be able to buy a replacement pair.

I love this little travel mug I picked up at Starbucks!  as for the Smashbox set, it was only $13 near the check out at Sephora.  A left-over from boxing day.

Essie Topless & Barefoot is my new favourite nail polish.  Read my full ode to it here.

And finally, the joy of a personalized mug with lipstick stains!

How was your January!  Hope you stayed warm! xxx

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