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Friday 9 January 2015

I'll be honest, I am only really sharing this post because I am really proud of the GIF I made.  I have a lot of posts to catch up on, so rather than review my entire box I am just going to focus on the two limited edition polishes.  

Chantel is the golden polish, and Sky the silver.  They claim that they are holographic glitters.  I would probably disagree.  However, they are pretty, and that counts for something.  I used Sky the other day as a part of a glitter gradient and I was really happy with it.  Formual wise, both polishes are the same.

My box also contained: Mint Condition Foot Cream, Glycolic Hand Scrub, oxygen, Vanish Cuticle Softner and Remover, Cuticle Oil, 4 other polishes in the blue-purple family. Eliana, Padama, Monaco, and another that I gave away. 

I was pretty thrilled with this box, especially because with a referral code it only cost me $9.99.

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